Who we are

The UK’s No’ 1
European Removalist

Established in 2007, VanOne is the UK’s most popular European removal company, responsible for over four thousand moves per year to 29 European countries. We employ 47 staff and operate a fleet of 41 Renault Master and Fiat Ducato vans. Our customers rate us as not only the cheapest European removalist, but also the most reliable.

VanOne operates as a low cost, efficient and no frills service. This means we focus on the core elements of a removal. As we see it, there are just three elements that make up a successful removal, they are: price, security and service. By focusing on these, we’re able to offer affordability, peace of mind, and a pleasant moving experience to all our customers.

Also, when we say we move our customers from anywhere in the UK to Europe, we really mean it: we carry out removals from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We’ll also never turn down a removal based on the distance or complexity of the journey – so if you want to move from the Scottish Highlands to Sicily, or from the west coast of Wales to the North of Norway, we’ll take you there.


What we do

A summary of  our service

At VanOne we constantly work to reduce the price of our international relocation services to Europe while increasing its value to our customers. Our network of fuel efficient vehicles and a UK based customer service centre makes this possible.


  • Cheap removals to Europe
  • No hidden costs

Customer Service

  • UK based call centre
  • Keep you updated before, during and after your move


  • Free insurance on all removals
  • Comply with all local, regional, and EU regulations


  • Fuel-efficient vehicles
  • Use appropriate sized vehicle for every move

Advanced Technology

  • Fully automated on-line booking system
  • Easy ways of contacting us in UK and overseas

Our history in numbers

We’ll let the numbers do the talking

2007 -
3 staff perform 152 moves
2008 -
4 staff perform 400 moves
2009 -
7 staff perform 694 moves
2010 -
8 staff perform 904 moves
2011 -
11 staff perform 1438 moves
2012 -
15 staff perform 2200 moves
2016 -
47 staff on track to perform over 4000 moves!

Interesting facts and figures:

  • Since 2007 we have driven a total of 6998420 miles, the equivalent of driving round the world 174 times.
  • We have carried 11745 tons, the equivalent weight of 29 fully loaded 747 jumbo jet airplanes.
  • The quickest removal we have undertaken was from Lumbres, France to Canterbury. Total travel time: 2h 45min
  • The longest removal we have undertaken was from Stromness on Orkney Islands to Chania, Greece. Total travel time: 6 days
  • The hottest place we have traveled to is: Seville in Spain. Temperature: 32 C
  • The coldest place we have travelled to is: Levanger, Norway. Temperature: -28 C
  • The most interesting item we have transported is a painting by Laurence Stephen Lowry

Blogging opportunities

Are you a UK expat living in Europe?

We are currently looking for writers with experience of living in another European country to write articles in our British Guide to European Moving.

If you you have lived in Europe (excluding the UK) for one year or more and would like to share your experiences and knowledge of local customs, bureaucracy, and everyday life, we’d love to hear from you. Here are just some examples of the exciting subjects you could write about:

  • Finding a home
  • Getting a job
  • Starting a business
  • Meeting people
  • Dating
  • Festivals/Events
  • Laws and regulations
  • Dealing with government agencies

So what are you waiting for? Click below to get started.

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Your Customer Service Team


  • Cheapest European Removals

    An efficient no frills service without all the unnecessary bells and whistles.

  • Super Fast Removals

    Our vans, once loaded, depart straight to their European destination. The average journey takes just 24 hours.

  • Small, Medium and Large Removals

    We’ll move anything from five boxes to the entire contents of a five-bedroom house.

Customer Service

Pricing Transparency and Excellent Communication

We believe the essence of any great removal service is clear and honest communication with its customers. That’s why we make sure our customers are 100% clear on what to expect from us. But communication isn’t a one-way street, so we also make sure we are 100% clear on our customers’ requirements. Therefore a removal coordinator assigned to your service will:

  • Discuss your needs with you in detail
  • Propose the right service level for you
  • Make all the charges clear to you
  • Instruct the removal team of your needs
  • Keep you informed throughout the move
  • Provide post purchase service