Moving to Norway

Cold but beautiful

After moving to Norway you’ll soon be under the impression that it must surely be one of the most beautiful countries in the world if you like mountains and lakes.

There are almost half a million lakes in Norway plus the fjords. They own the deepest and second deepest lakes in Europe. They also made the longest road tunnel in the world – 15 miles long with three large caves with blue or green light to reduce the strain of driving through it. It was built to avoid winter storms on the road from Bergen to Oslo. They also have the world’s deepest underwater tunnel, around 941’ deep. (The Channel Tunnel is only 250’ deep, although at 31 miles long it’s the longest undersea tunnel in the world.)

Norway is not a member of the EU but there are many similarities in their rules and customs.

Expats in Norway

There are several sites where you can get information about expat clubs, news and communities. These three sites will give you a taste of what is available.


Moving to Norway


Top tips on moving to Norway

  • Norway is expensive; you need plenty of cold weather gear and to allow for heating costs. People living near the border will often shop in Sweden, which is much cheaper.
  • Tents! Use them. Norwegians have a law that lets you camp pretty much anywhere  that’s not a private property. Great alternative to expensive hotels.
  • Get ready for July. Most people are forced to take unpaid leave in July, so it may surprise you.

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