Transportation in Spain

Driving in Spain

Driving can become your favorite mean of transportation in Spain. There is spectacular scenery and little, or no congestion, but speed limits often change.

Don’t even consider drink driving, unless you like the thought of incarceration in a Spanish prison. The blood alcohol level is 0.5 per mg ( which equates to one small beer), dropping to 0.1 mg for drivers who passed their test within two years.

Documents you MUST carry

  • Insurance certificate obligatory at least for third party
  • Driving licence
  • Vehicle registration documents

Equipment you MUST carry

  • Warning triangle must be displayed if there is an accident
  • Reflective vestGlasses: wearers must carry a spare pair in the car at all times
  • First aid kit is recommended
  • Headlight adjuster
  • Replacement light bulbs


  • Radar detector

Public Transportation in Spain

Spain has a comprehensive public transport system — but getting hold of a written timetable can be difficult. Indeed there are often no timetables, the frequency depending upon the day, time and route.

Most buses are pushchair and wheelchair accessible. There are a range of money-saving tickets, depending on the town. You usually get on the bus at the front and exit at the rear. There are efficient long distance buses.

The larger cities have underground systems — the one in Madrid is one of the best in the world. Travel by metro is fast and safe — and there are maps available at the stations.

There is an extensive rail network in Spain and you can book online at if you wish.

Taxis are in all the cities — you can prebook if your wish and designate a male or female driver. Ferry services are also available, including from Cadiz to Tenerife.


This idea is still fairly new: you can pick up a bicycle at a designated site and drop it off when you finish. There are still problems finding a drop-off point which has spaces, but the system is growing. You are charged from pick-up time to drop-off time and you need to register with the company to give your credit card details.

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