Removals to Slovenia


So you’re moving to Slovenia? We can help. At VanOne we not only offer the cheapest removals to Slovenia, we will also provide you with top notch customer service and take the utmost care with your belongings. It’s part of our three core values after all. So click on the quote form and before you know it you’ll be eating Carniolan sausage and drinking honey liquor in the comfort of your new home.

Your journey with us:

It starts when our friendly, experienced driver knocks on your door; ready to help you carry your belongings to our state of the art van. Being trained in heavy lifting, he will ensure your items are loaded and secured carefully. Once everything is neatly packed, it’s destination Slovenia!

Of course you’ll want to know your belongings are safe, so we will keep you updated throughout our journey. Two hours from your door, we’ll let you know our estimated arrival time; two hours later, the same driver who helped you load your belongings will be on your doorstep. He will help you unload your belongings and carry them into your new home. Sounds easy? It is!

How to prepare:

Remember the British Army’s catchphrase: Proper planning prevents poor performance! To keep your possessions as secure and as safe as possible during transit, we recommend you pack loose items in suitcases or boxes. Place padding on furniture, or cover it up.

For great prices on packing materials such as protective blankets and heavy-duty shrink wrap, just visit our online store.

Documents you’ll need:

Completing piles of paperwork isn’t most people’s idea of a fun time, therefore you’ll be relieved to know you’ll only need to complete two forms for your move to Slovenia. The first is a goods in transit insurance form – we provide you with this insurance free of charge. The second is a cargo movement form aka CMR form – sort of like an inventory form that you will fill in on the day of your move.

How long does the removals to Slovenia take?

It takes 28 hours on average to drive to Slovenia from the UK. So not long at all. Our driver will simply load all your belongings into the van and head straight for your new house – and you’ll be drinking coffee from your favourite mug in no time.

  • If you reside in Wales or Scotland, it could take 48 hours for delivery.
  • If your goods take up less than the full capacity of the removal vehicle (<15 cubic meters), delivery could take up to 5 days. For more details on this please click here.

Easy, Safe & Cheap:

We provide a simple and efficient removals to Slovenia to our customers, but we don’t stop there. We consider all our customers to be special, so to make sure your house move goes without a hitch, we abide by three core values. What they mean to you is, your move will be easy – because of our great service, safe – because of us taking care with your posessions, and cheap – because we believe in charging fair prices. What more could you want? Click for a quote right away.

Any other questions?

Something you’re still not sure about? Please visit our FAQ page, where you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for.

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