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Medical care in Lithuania

Social Insurance and Medical care in Lithuania

Lithuania’s National Health Insurance Fund (VLK) oversees medical care in Lithuania.

A European Health Card (EHIC) holder can receive medical care provided by general practitioners or specialists, hospital treatment and subsidised medicines prescribed for out-patient care. You can apply for medical care directly to a GP who has an agreement with the Territorial Health Insurance Fund – THIF (Teritorinė ligonių kasa). You will need proof of identity; you can find a list of affiliated doctors can be obtained from the THIF. (more…)

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Social Life in Lithuania

Social Life in Lithuania

Family comes before any other aspects of social life in Lithuania and, together with religion forms the basic structure of life here. The catholic religion helped to maintain he countries heritage during the Soviet years. It also accounts for the importance of observing name days (your own saint’s day) rather than birthdays, and many of their festivals are religion based.

Lithuania has many museums, and here you will find amber – often with insects or leaves trapped there or thousands of years. There is folk music and dance as well as nature reserves and a wealth of water sports – and they were ranked third in the world for basket ball recently. (more…)

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Going native in Lithuania

Finding a job in Lithuania as a foreigner might be difficult, but it most certainly is (next to buying a house) one of two things you would want to do to really immerse yourself in the local culture.

Buying a house

Lithuania’s property market is now improving, amidst healthy economic growth. House prices continue to fall, but at a slower pace. Demand is slightly up. Construction activity is rising again. There are no restrictions to buying property in Lithuania, except for agricultural land. Ensure you are able to understand everything before you sign anything – you may need to employ an interpreter. There are the usual steps in buying property: (more…)

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Public Transportation in Vilnius Lithuania


Driving in Lithuania is not unlike driving in the UK. Drive defensively, expect the unexpected. The alcohol level permitted is 0.04%.

You will need winter tires for Dec 1-March 1, but dates can change according to the weather. Headlights must be used from 1 November to 1 March.

Carry with you: (more…)

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Moving to Lithuania

Lithuania – land of the storks!

There are around 30,000 pairs of storks – and the myths surrounding storks and babies are ever present. The land is mainly flat so you will see them decorating any vantage point. Lithuania has 758 rivers and over 2,800 lakes as well as 61 miles of Baltic Sea coastline.

Lithuania gained independence from the Soviat Union in 1990 and joined the EU in 2004. She has been a member of the Schengen Area since 2007. The capital city is Vilnius and the currency is the litas (Lt) (£1 = 4.41Lt in May 2016) (more…)

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Relocating to Lithuania

Registering Essentials

When relocating to Lithuania you need to lodge an application for the issue of a residence permit with the diplomatic mission or consular post of Lithuania abroad. Documents shall be submitted personally to the Lithuanian Embassy in alien’s home country or to the Lithuanian Migration Office directly if alien is legally in the Republic of Lithuania.  You need the following documents: (more…)

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