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Q? I need quote for 7 cubic metres. Can I get one from VanOne?

A. VanOne only offers quotes for 5, 10, 15 and 30 cubic metres. For moves larger than 30 cubic metres please contact VanOne customer services.

Q? How do I get quotation and book removal with VanOne?

A. Booking a European removal with VanOne is as easy as booking flights online.

Q? I prefer to pay a small booking deposit to secure my booking rather than paying the full amount in advance. Can I do it?
A. Of course you can. Upon completing the online booking process, you will be asked to pay the booking deposit, usually about 25% of the total service price. You will be required to pay the remaining balance by card online no later than on the day of collection.

Q? Is the collection service available during weekends as well?
A. We make collections from customers during the weekend and this applies to all countries on our list except for Switzerland and Norway.

Q? The van that arrived at my home can take much more than the 15 cubic metres I ordered. Can I use all the available space in the van?
A. You can only use the amount of space you ordered. The total capacity of our standard vans is 20 cubic metres, but we only allow customers to use up to 15 cubic metres. This is because if we load the van to its full capacity, it will exceed the 1200kg weight limit and will be too heavy to travel.

Q? Moving with VanOne is cheap, are my goods still insured and in safe hands?
A. Yes indeed. Your goods are insured with Goods in Transit insurance of up to £20,275 so if something happens during the transportation, for example, the ferry boat sinks or there is a car crash on the motorway, you can make a claim to recover the loss.

Q? What do I have to do to take advantage of the FREE Goods in Transit Insurance provided by VanOne?
A. The Insurance Form will be emailed to you once you have completed your booking with us. You will be required to fill in this MS Excel form, stating all the items that you will be moving as well as their values, and email it back to us. If something happens during the journey, the insurer will refer to this list to determine the value of your loss.

Q? What else can I do to ensure my goods will be safely transported to my new home in Europe?
A. We understand how important it is that your items get to you safely. You can purchase Heavy Duty Shrink Wrap and Furniture Removal Protective Blankets from our online shop and use them to prepare your household for removal. Wrapping items up and packing them away carefully will considerably reduce the risk of things getting damaged.

Q? Whose responsibility is it to prepare my household for removal and ensure that all goods are properly packed and protected?
A. It is the customer’s responsibility to prepare all the goods for removal, and we ask that items are packed away securely before the driver arrives.

Q? What goods exactly can I move across border with VanOne?
A. VanOne offers residential removals exclusively and will only carry your household appliances, furniture, personal effects and other household items. Since Brexit, you cannot transport any of the below:

Furthermore, below listed goods are not exempt from import VAT or any other fees:

Q? Why are services offered by VanOne so much cheaper than other International Movers?
A. VanOne are cheap because we offer a space in the van and a helpful driver. We are also cheaper because we run an extensive network of vans across the European Union, so our vehicles never waste diesel by travelling empty.

Q? How can I pay for my European removal and for the packaging materials that I order from VanOne?
A. You can pay for your removal in advance using your credit or debit card on our website. We currently accept MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Maestro and JCB cards. All of the services and products that you order from VanOne will be billed on two or three invoices. One for your booking deposit, one for the remaining balance and one for the packaging materials (only if you order them from us).

Q? Can I specify the day and hour of collection of my goods?
A. With VanOne you can book 5, 10, 15 or 30 cubic metres of space in the van(s). Booking a full van (15 or 30 cubic metres of space) gives you complete control over the day and hour of collection. If you want to save money you can book just a part of space in the van (5 or 10 cubic metres), in which case the service will be significantly cheaper, but you will need to be flexible with the collection date. When booking 5 or 10 cubic metres, during the checkout process you select the latest day of collection and we are obliged to load on that day or up to two days before the date you’ve chosen.

Example – if you move 5 cubic metres from London to Paris and your preferred collection date is the 16th of January, you need to have your belongings ready for collection from the 14th January. We will contact you at least 8 hours before collection and deliver your items no later than 3 days after.

Q? Do I have to pay extra for driver’s help with loading and unloading?
A. Yes. We charge £12 (or €14) per half an hour of the driver’s work. If you choose to opt for driver’s help with loading and unloading you will receive an email right after unloading, with precise calculation of the time of driver’s help, as well as a link to pay for the driver’s help.

Q? Does it cost more to pay using my credit card?
A. We know that most companies charge extra to book services using a credit card. This is not the case with VanOne – the price you pay is the same whether you pay by credit or debit card.

Q? How soon do I have to pay for my order?
A. Just like when you book flights, you will be required to pay for your order there and then when you book our services online. You can choose to pay a small amount as a booking deposit or pay the full amount in advance.

Q? How safe is the VanOne online payment facility?
A. Our online payment facility is provided by Stripe – probably the safest global payments service in the world.

Q? What do I need to do to get a quote from VanOne?
A. To get a quote you must do the following:

Q? What if I don’t know how to estimate the cubic capacity and /or weight of my items?
A. You can use the Cubic Metre Volume Calculator for Removals we prepared for customers like you to establish the size of your move.

Q? How will I know when my order will be delivered to my new home in Europe?
A. When you order the service from us, we will let you know how long the removal will take and we will tell you the date of delivery (which will usually be on the next day or 48 hours after loading). We will also call you at least two hours before the arrival of the van to your new address in Europe to tell you the exact time of arrival.

Q? So what exactly can I expect the driver to do for me?
A. You can ask the driver to give you a hand with:

Q? I am planning to move from Thurso in the Scottish Highlands to Pozzallo in Sicily. Can you help?
A. Yes, we can. We offer services to and from any place in the European Union, Switzerland and Norway.

Q? Is the VAT included in the quotes price?

A: Yes, it is. For removals to the United Kingdom, 20% of British VAT is included in all quotes. For other removals there is a 0% VAT rate.

Q? What exactly is included in the service?
A. Typically, the service includes:

Q? What is NOT included in the service?
A. We do not provide a service for:

Q? Who is responsible for arranging parking for the van?
A. Customers are responsible for arranging parking. You should ensure there is access to the property. To conduct the removal properly, the van needs to be parked in close proximity to the loading or unloading location. The distance between our vehicle and the door to the building should not exceed 20 metres (66 feet).

Q? Do you collect items over the weekend?
A. Yes we do. We collect 7 days a week.

Q? I would like to move from Europe to Australia. Can you help?
A. Unfortunately not. VanOne only operates within the European Union, Switzerland and Norway.

Q? What paperwork am I expected to prepare and sign?
A. There are several documents that all removals will need, like:

You will find more precise information on the required paperwork in the country you’re moving to on the web page for removal service to this country, so please choose your destination from the menu.

Q? What if I am not a citizen of the UK, EU, Swiss or Norway, can VanOne still assist me with my move?
A. If you are not EU, Swiss nor a Norwegian citizen then that’s great! We will be equally happy to help with your move. But before you order service from us, please contact the consulates of the country you are planning to move to for information about their customs and immigration policy.

Q? Is the weight limit the same for all the countries, whether they fall under the EU or not?
A. The weight limit for all EU countries is 1200 kg for a 15m3 load. However, this differs for three countries; in this case Norway, Austria and Switzerland. The weight limits for a cargo load of 15m3 is as follows:

Q? What if I ordered five cubic metres (300kg) of space in one of VanOne’s vehicles, but it wasn’t enough?
A. Your driver can only take as much as agreed prior to the removal date and will not be able to take more than five cubic metres (300kg) of items. The same applies for larger quotes too.

Q? So how do you check the weight of my items?
A. The total weight of an empty vehicle is 2300kg. We weigh the loaded vehicle when boarding the ferry to France and deduct the total weight of an empty vehicle, from the total weight of the loaded vehicle.

For example: Loaded vehicle = 3500kg – Empty vehicle 2300kg = Weight of cargo 1200kg

Q? How do you check the volume (cubic capacity) of my items?
A. The total cubic capacity of the van is 20 cubic meters. A quarter of that capacity is five cubic metres. We place all of your items in the van and use a tape measure to measure their total capacity.

Q? So what would happen if I went over the weight limit that was allocated to me?
A. The driver, using his experience, and by looking at the level of the vehicle suspension during the loading process, will be able to estimate the weight of all the items loaded onto a van. If the vehicle suspension level reaches the vehicle’s loading capacity limit, the driver will request that you stop loading additional items.

Q? What if I disagree with the driver’s experience in estimating loading capacity and insist on loading more than recommended by the driver?
A. We will check the weight of the vehicle when boarding the ferry, and if the driver was right and the vehicle is overloaded, we will call for another vehicle to transfer the excess load and you will be charged at 80p per kilometre that the extra vehicle drives. In Europe, the legal van weight limit is 3500kg.

Q? What if the paperwork I organised for my removal is questioned by customs on the border, and the vehicle with my belongings in is stopped?
A. You will be required to come to the border and provide appropriate documentation to satisfy the customs officer, therefore it is important that you take extra care when filling in your documents to reduce the possibility of any problems.

Q? What happens if, because of reasons beyond my control, I am unable to complete the removal and unload my belongings at my new home in Europe?
A. We will take all of your belongings back to the UK to our London hub, where your items will be stored. You will be charged for the return journey at an amount equal to the quote you received for the outbound journey. You will also be charged for the storage and labour costs needed for unloading the vehicle into the storage. This will be charged at £50 per hour. Storage will be charged according to the rates that can be found on