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London to Istanbul (5m³)
Bursa to Birmingham (10m³)
Liverpool to Kyiv (5m³)
Belgrade to Neath (15m³)
Sheffield to Ankara (5m³)
Izmir to Bristol (10m³)
Glasgow to Minsk (30m³)
Banstead to Kharkiv (15m³)

Removals from UK to Austria

Leicester to Vienna (10m³)
Graz to Edinburgh (5m³)
Leeds to Linz (10m³)
Cardiff to Salzburg (15m³)
Innsbruck to Yeovil (5m³)
Havant to Steyr (30m³)
Coventry to Wels (15m³)
Villach to Sunderland (5m³)

Removals from UK to Belgium

Birkenhead to Brussels (5m³)
Islington to Mons (15m³)
Gent to Reading (30m³)
Carshalton to Aalst (15m³)
Swansea to Liege (10m³)
Brugge to Bradford (5m³)
Hinckley to Namur (10m³)
Belfast to Leuven (5m³)

Removals from UK to Bulgaria

Derby to Sofia (10m³)
Plymouth to Plovdiv (15m³)
Varna to Luton (5m³)
Salisbury to Burgas (15m³)
Pontefract to Ruse (30m³)
Dobrich to Leigh (10m³)
Blackpool to Pleven (5m³)
Milton Keynes to Sliven (5m³)

Removals from UK to Croatia

Bexley to Zagreb (15m³)
Split to Northampton (30m³)
Archway to Rijeka (5m³)
Osijek to Norwich (10m³)
Dudley to Zadar (5m³)
Aberdeen to Karlovac (5m³)
Pula to Grantham (15m³)
Ipswich to Sesvete (10m³)

Removals from UK to Czech Republic

Wigan to Prague (5m³)
Croydon to Brno (10m³)
Ostrava to Walsall (5m³)
Mansfield to Pilsen (30m³)
Oxford to Olomouc (15m³)
Warrington to Liberec (10m³)
Havirov to Slough (15m³)
Bournemouth to Zlin (5m³)

Removals from UK to Denmark

Vejle to Cambridge (30m³)
Greenock to Arhus (10m³)
Doncaster to Odense (15m³)
Aalborg to York (5m³)
Poole to Frederiksberg (5m³)
Gloucester to Esbjerg (10m³)
Randers to Burnley (15m³)
Worksop to Kolding (5m³)

Removals from UK to Estonia

Telford to Tallinn (5m³)
Tartu to Dundee (5m³)
Basildon to Narva (15m³)
Kirkby to Voru (10m³)
Paernu to Stockport (15m³)
Brighton to Maardu (30m³)
Wallsend to Rakvere (10m³)
Sillamaee to Grimsby (5m³)

Removals from UK to Finland

Hastings to Helsinki (10m³)
Espoo to Redruth (5m³)
Welling to Tampere (10m³)
Vantaa to Colchester (5m³)
Eastbourne to Turku (15m³)
Oulu to Exeter (30m³)
Rotherham to Lahti (5m³)
Andover to Kuopio (15m³)

Removals from UK to France

Lincoln to Paris (10m³)
Marseille to Dover (5m³)
Chelmsford to Lyon (15m³)
Mendip to Toulouse (30m³)
Nice to Dagenham (5m³)
Stretford to Nantes (15m³)
Strasbourg to Coity (5m³)
Boston to Lille (10m³)

Removals from UK to Germany

Bedford to Berlin (5m³)
Hamburg to Oldham (10m³)
Newburn to Munich (15m³)
Cologne to Woking (30m³)
St Helens to Bremen (15m³)
Essen to Worcester (10m³)
Felling to Stuttgart (5m³)
Altrincham to Leipzig (5m³)

Removals from UK to Greece

Athens to Rochdale (10m³)
Solihull to Patra (15m³)
Ewell to Thessaloniki (5m³)
Piraeus to Romford (5m³)
Bath to Larisa (10m³)
Peristeri to Harlow (5m³)
Nuneaton to Volos (15m³)
High Peak to Nikaia (30m³)

Removals from UK to Holland

Darlington to Breda (5m³)
Leiden to Southport (10m³)
Chester to Arnhem (30m³)
Utrecht to Stevenage (15m³)
Wembley to Haarlem (5m³)
Tilburg to Grays (15m³)
Prescot to Groningen (5m³)
Ilkeston to Nijmegen (10m³)

Removals from UK to Hungary

Arnold to Budapest (30m³)
Cannock to Debrecen (5m³)
Miskolc to Holloway (10m³)
St Albans to Szeged (5m³)
South Shields to Pecs (15m³)
Kecskemet to Derry (10m³)
Urmston to Zuglo (5m³)
Halifax to Gyor (15m³)

Removals from UK to Ireland

Redditch to Dublin (15m³)
Cork to Beckenham (10m³)
Tamworth to Navan (5m³)
Scunthorpe to Ennis (5m³)
Gaillimh to Bloxwich (10m³)
Wakefield to Tallaght (30m³)
Carlisle to Waterford (15m³)
Swords to Gateshead (5m³)

Removals from UK to Italy

Lisburn to Rome (5m³)
Milan to Fylde (10m³)
Paisley to Naples (5m³)
Turin to Bracknell (15m³)
Coalville to Palermo (15m³)
Battersea to Genoa (5m³)
Bologna to Crewe (10m³)
Chatham to Florence (30m³)

Removals from UK to Latvia

Hove to Riga (30m³)
Aylesbury to Ogre (15m³)
Liepaja to East Kilbride (5m³)
Bridgwater to Cesis (10m³)
Rugby to Jurmala (5m³)
Ventspils to Salford (15m³)
Purley to Rezekne (5m³)
Guildford to Jekabpils (10m³)

Removals from UK to Lithuania

Shrewsbury to Vilnius (5m³)
Kaunas to Peckham (5m³)
Barnsley to Klaipeda (10m³)
Lowestoft to Siauliai (15m³)
Panevezys to Gosport (30m³)
Southall to Alytus (10m³)
Utena to Stafford (5m³)
Abingdon to Jonava (15m³)

Removals from UK to Luxembourg

Blyth to Luxembourg (5m³)
Belvaux to Leyland (15m³)
Folkestone to Wiltz (10m³)
Wrexham to Mersch (5m³)
Mamer to Torquay (10m³)
Redcar to Petange (15m³)
Ettelbruck to Taunton (5m³)
Yeadon to Diekirch (30m³)

Removals from UK to Malta

Rushden to Attard (30m³)
Ramsgate to Qormi (15m³)
Birkirkara to Buckley (10m³)
Kettering to Zabbar (5m³)
Tonbridge to Sliema (15m³)
Saint John to Surbiton (5m³)
Runcorn to Fgura (10m³)
Tonypandy to Zejtun (5m³)

Removals from UK to Norway

Scarborough to Oslo (15m³)
Bergen to Widnes (30m³)
Aldershot to Skien (10m³)
Bury to Stavanger (5m³)
Moss to Castleford (5m³)
Hereford to Bodo (5m³)
Bangor to Alesund (10m³)
Sandnes to Stroud (15m³)

Removals from UK to Poland

Margate to Warsaw (15m³)
Lodz to Chelsea (5m³)
Greenford to Lodz (30m³)
Peterlee to Wroclaw (10m³)
Poznan to Rhondda (10m³)
Craigavon to Gdansk (5m³)
Szczecin to Wallasey (15m³)
Airdrie to Bydgoszcz (5m³)

Removals from UK to Portugal

Weymouth to Lisbon (15m³)
Porto to Fareham (5m³)
Morley to Amadora (10m³)
Braga to Cheshunt (5m³)
Stirling to Setubal (30m³)
Corby to Coimbra (10m³)
Queluz to Dartford (5m³)
Castlereagh to Cacem (15m³)

Removals from UK to Romania

Bucharest to Hitchin (5m³)
Livingston to Sector 3 (10m³)
Walkden to Ploiesti (15m³)
Sale to Sector 2 (30m³)
Iasi to Halesowen (15m³)
Canterbury to Galati (5m³)
Brasov to Wilmslow (5m³)
Huyton to Craiova (10m³)

Removals from UK to Slovakia

Gravesend to Trencin (5m³)
Kosice to Eastleigh (15m³)
Washington to Presov (10m³)
Nitra to Braintree (15m³)
Hamilton to Zilina (5m³)
Zvolen to Brentwood (30m³)
Esher to Trnava (10m³)
Reigate to Martin (5m³)

Removals from UK to Slovenia

Dunstable to Ptuj (15m³)
Maribor to Morecambe (5m³)
Cumbernauld to Celje (10m³)
Kranj to Horsham (5m³)
Staines to Velenje (10m³)
Batley to Koper (30m³)
Ljubljana to Billericay (5m³)
Falkirk to Izola (15m³)

Removals from UK to Spain

Dunfermline to Madrid (5m³)
Vigo to Bletchley (10m³)
Keighley to Valencia (15m³)
Hayes to Sevilla (30m³)
Paignton to Zaragoza (5m³)
Malaga to Llanelli (10m³)
Kirkcaldy to Murcia (15m³)
Bromsgrove to Palma (5m³)

Removals from UK to Sweden

Tyldesley to Lund (15m³)
Gaevle to Yate (10m³)
Banbury to Malmoe (30m³)
Exmouth to Uppsala (5m³)
Sollentuna to Mitcham (5m³)
Morden to Haninge (15m³)
Umea to Cwmbran (10m³)
Long Eaton to OErebro (5m³)

Removals from UK to Switzerland

Zurich to Durham (30m³)
Northwich to Geneve (15m³)
Ayr to Basel (5m³)
Perth to Bern (10m³)
Luzern to Lancaster (15m³)
Tipton to Winterthur (5m³)
Inverness to Thun (10m³)
Lugano to Kilmarnock (5m³)