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      Removals to Denmark

      At VanOne, we offer the cheapest removal price from the UK to Denmark. But we realise it’s not just about price. It’s about peace of mind and simplicity too. So when you use us to move your treasured belongings,

      • We will take as much care with them as if they were our own.
      • We will also provide you with exceptional customer service, because we want to ensure your move is pleasant and hassle free.

      So click on the quote form and before you know it you’ll be eating a Danish pastry and reading a Hans Christian Andersen novel in the comfort of your new home.

      Get a quote for Denmark to UK removals with the VanOne team. We travel to and from Denmark transporting our customers' possessions, so we can carry out your move to your new British home from any Danish location.

      Your journey with us:

      As soon as our driver arrives at your home, you’ll discover he is friendly and experienced. He’s also trained in heavy lifting, so he’s the ideal person to help you carry your possessions to our state of the art van, and to secure them safely inside. Once he’s packed everything, he’ll set off for Denmark!

      We understand you’ll be concerned about your belongings. Don’t worry – we’ll contact you regularly during the journey and phone you when we’re two hours away, confirming our expected arrival time. The same friendly driver who helped to pack your belongings will be at your new home two hours later, helping you to unpack them again and carry them inside. Sounds simple? It is!

      Removals to Denmark from UK

      Documents you’ll need for post-brexit removals to Denmark:

      Moving house between the UK and Denmark is not the same straightforward experience it used to be, but with the help of a proper removal company, no amount of bureaucracy is too daunting! Since Brexit, removals to Denmark depend on a Transfer of Residence status. Achieving that status means that there is no import VAT (25% of the total value) charged for the goods in transit. If the customs officer deems the transport inapplicable for the Transfer of Residence status, the import VAT may apply. Complete the required paperwork as listed below to avoid this charge.

      The documents we will require in order to comply with the rules of residential removals between the UK and Denmark are:

      • A copy of ID card or Passport.
      • A detailed, signed packing list with the value, size and weight of each listed item. Please fill in all fields provided in VanOne Insurance Form.
      • A document confirming that you are an EU resident or intending to become one, for example: if you live with your family in the EU, please ask them to complete and sign this template and provide a copy of their personal ID and a utility bill with the address; or if you are employed in the EU, please provide your EU employment contract; or if you have living arrangements in the EU, please provide a utility bill with your name and address on it or your tenancy agreement, or the property ownership deed.
      • A UK certificate of residence or other evidence that you’ve lived in the UK at least for the last 12 months (e.g. 12 months of council tax bill or bank statements showing address).
      • A self-certificate (please use this template) to inform the customs authorities that you’ve used the household objects at your usual residence in the UK for more than six months and that you won’t sell, rent or pledge them after receiving them in your new place.

      Other than the documents listed above you’ll also need a CMR or cargo movement form, but this one the driver will provide you with on the day of your move.

      Good news! Until 13th June 2022, we temporarily suspended the requirement for all the below-listed documents:

      • A certificate from the local council in Denmark to certify residency.
      • A signed authorisation for the customs clearance agent in Denmark to act as your direct representative. A blank form will be supplied to you by VanOne after you confirm your booking.

      If you want to speed up the process or find out more you might want to contact your local customs office in Denmark.

      You can also visit this government resource for more information about bringing personal effects to Denmark (or the Dutch Government website for information in the English language).

      How to prepare:

      There’s a British Army catchphrase that’s just as appropriate for people moving home as it is for soldiers! “Proper planning prevents poor performance.” So to keep your belongings safe and secure, remember to place loose items in suitcases or boxes and to cover or place padding on furniture.

      If you need materials for packing items, you can find protective blankets and heavy-duty shrink wrap in our online store.

      How long does the journey to Denmark take?

      Removals to Denmark are really quick actually. Once the driver has loaded all your belongings into the van, he will drive straight for your new home. The typical length journey from the UK to Denmark is just 24 hours, so you’ll be sitting on that comfy sofa again in no time.

      • Please note: moves from Wales or Scotland can take up to 48 hours.
      • Orders smaller than the capacity of the removal van (<15 cubic meters) can take up to 5 days to deliver. For more info please click here.

      Get cheap house removals UK to Denmark online

      If you are planning to move from the UK to Denmark, you will want to find an affordable and cheap removals service to take your possessions over to Europe. However, it is important to understand how the removals market works online, or you could end up paying too much.

      • International removals brands are often beaten to the top of the search engine rankings by price comparison sites and middleman services. The middleman passes your lead onto a removals company, and charges a fee for the service to that company. To pay this commission, the removals service often increases the price of your move to Denmark.
      • The best way to secure cheap house removals UK to Denmark is to contact a genuine removals company like VanOne directly, and requesting a quote. There are no middleman fees, so you only pay for the service itself.

      How to tell the middleman sites from the genuine companies

      If you want to secure cheap removals for your removals to Denmark, you will need to know how to tell a genuine removals company from a middleman site. Here are some tips which should help you spot the difference between the two.

      • Search for the company name on Companies House. This is an official register of UK businesses. A genuine international removals specialist will appear here.
      • Look at the images on the removal company’s website. Genuine companies will show real pictures of their vehicles and staff, so you know exactly who is carrying out your move to Denmark – and how they are moving your belongings.

      Choose the safest way to move your goods to Denmark

      Moving to Denmark with a middleman service also means that your goods will be less safe during transit. The middleman passes your details to a third party service, often a logistics or shipping company. Your belongings could visit a number of different locations before arriving at your new Denmark address, which increases the chance that something will be lost or damaged. VanOne is a removals specialist, and we always move your goods directly from Point A to Point B. You can be sure that your property is safe with us.

      Easy, Safe & Cheap removals to Denmark:

      We thought we’d remind you why we’re special – it’s because we believe you’re special. That’s why we stick to our three core principles, because we know by doing so we can make your moving experience a hassle free and pleasant one. So here are what our values mean to you: our exceptional customer service means you will find it easy to move to Denmark with us, our commitment to treating your belongings with the utmost care means they will be one hundred percent safe with us, and our super cheap prices means it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to move. All this adds up to a service that is easy, safe and cheap. What more could you want? A Danish pastry, you say? Well then, click for a quote and we’ll get you to Denmark ASAP!

      Removals from Denmark to the UK

      VanOne is able to offer a reverse-journey removals service to our Danish customers who are planning a move to the UK. If you need removals to the UK from Denmark, get in touch with VanOne using the quote request form supplied. We can give you a great price on your planned move, and we also guarantee great service and complete safety for your treasured belongings.

      Our drivers transport goods both ways over the channel, meaning that our vans never travel empty. This is how we can keep our costs right down for our customers. Get low cost removals from Denmark to UK with a team you can trust: choose VanOne for your upcoming move.

      Any other questions about removals to Denmark?

      For any questions we haven’t answered, please visit our FAQ page. We’re certain you’ll find the answers there. If you still cannot find the answer, contact us by email because we can help. Our friendly and helpful staff are on hand so that your removals to Denmark will go smoothly. Put your trust in VanOne.

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