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Relocating to the UK

United Kingdom

What should you expect if you are relocating to the UK? These helpful guides are packed with information about life in the UK, which will prepare you for the big move.

Relocating to Austria


Here you will find everything that you need to know about relocating to Austria, from obtaining your Red White Red Card to understanding the local culture and finding your way around.

Relocating to Belgium


Discover why Belgium is ranked as the top place for living by expats, and find information that will help you as you are relocating to Belgium - including getting your social security card.

Relocating to Brazil


Here you will find everything that you need to know about relocating to Brazil. Find out about customs clearance, cross-ocean shipping, language and local culture.

Relocating to Bulgaria


If you are preparing for relocating to Bulgaria, these guides will certainly help. From the Cyrillic alphabet to public transport and shopping, discover everything expats in Bulgaria will need to know.

Relocating to Croatia


Are you relocating to Croatia? Learn all about the country's public transport, housing, nightlife, social care and more. These helpful guides will help to prepare you for your upcoming move to Croatia.

Relocating to Czech Republic

Czech Republic

People relocating to Czech Republic can learn more about the country and its customs with these guides. Discover everything from the history of the Czech Republic to how the public transport system works.

Relocating to Denmark


Everything you may need to know about relocating to Denmark, including information on local healthcare and services. Learn how to find a property and a job, and how to register as a resident.

Relocating to Estonia


How to register after relocating to Estonia, and everything you need to know about the local way of life - including everything from cultures and customs to the language and the local services.

Relocating to Finland


When relocating to Finland, you must consider these important issues: such as registering for healthcare insurance, finding work and understanding local customs. This guide will help you with your move to Finland.

Relocating to France


There is a lot to think about when relocating to France. These guides will give you plenty of information on citizen registration, buying a property, moving with pets and retirement in France.

Relocating to Germany


Germany is a fantastic place to live with beautiful scenery and friendly locals. Learn all about relocating to Germany with these helpful guides to living, working and socialising in the country.

Relocating to Greece


With the cost of living low and the quality of life high, relocating to Greece could be the best thing you ever do. Find helpful information here about moving to Greece.

Relocating to Holland


Relocating to Holland, also known as the Netherlands, is a great choice for trendy young professionals or older people seeking a relaxed life. Find everything you need to know in these articles.

Relocating to Hungary


Are you relocating to Hungary? Find out about public transport and driving, rents and property prices, local customs and culture, and much more besides with these helpful guides to life in Hungary.

Relocating to Ireland


People who are relocating to Ireland will find helpful tips and advice in these articles. Learn about the country's healthcare system, social scene and cost of living with these expat guides to Ireland.

Relocating to Italy


What can you expect when relocating to Italy? Discover local cultures and customs, plus helpful information about food, family services, finding work and retiring, in these helpful guides on moving to Italy.

Relocating to Latvia


How relocating to Latvia could be the greatest move you ever make. Learn about the cost of living and finding a property, and registering for health insurance, with these helpful guides.

Relocating to Liechtenstein


Relocating to Lithuania


How relocating to Latvia could be the greatest move you ever make. Learn about the cost of living and finding a property, and registering for health insurance, with these helpful guides.

Relocating to Luxembourg


Learn all about relocating to Luxembourg. The country is a great place to live, with a lively social life, top employment prospects and great healthcare. Discover more with these helpful guides.

Relocating to Malta


If you are relocating to Malta, get advice on transportation, pensions, socialising and citizen registration. You can also find information on buying a house in Malta, and on moving from the UK.

Relocating to Norway


What will life be like after relocating to Norway? These helpful guides include information on Norway's climate, culture, social scene and population. You can also learn about registration and immigration policies.

Relocating to Poland


All the information you need when you are relocating to Poland, including how to set up your pension and tax matters, and also how you can get work and find a property.

Relocating to Portugal


When relocating to Portugal, what do you need to do and what information should you know? These great guides to local services, culture and customs will certainly help you find your feet.

Relocating to Romania


Discover the essentials of registering in Romania as an expat, and learn a little about the local culture and customs, with these useful guides on relocating to Romania and settling down there.

Relocating to Slovakia


Everything you need to know about relocating to Slovakia, from finding the perfect property to obtaining your visa - if applicable - can be found in these useful guides for expats and emigrants.

Relocating to Slovenia


From health insurance to social activities, these are the things you need to know about relocating to Slovenia. Discover information for expats in these helpful guides which will make the big move easier.

Relocating to Spain


Spain is a popular choice for people who emigrate abroad: it has a great climate, friendly locals, and a relaxed way of life. Learn more about relocating to Spain with these helpful guides.

Relocating to Sweden


What is life like for expats in Sweden? Relocating to Sweden could be the best move you ever make. These guides to driving, health care, socialising and accommodation will help you.

Relocating to Switzerland


Learn about Switzerland's 26 cantons, or districts, local customs regulations, and information about moving your pets, in preparation for relocating to Switzerland. These guides will help you find your way.

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