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Social Insurance in Finland

Social Insurance in Finland To access medical care in Finland you need a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). You have to pay the same patient contributions as a permanent resident of Finland. Note that workers and civil servants moving to Finland from UK are still covered by the UK national insurance system. Your employer needs to ask HMRC for forms E101 and E106, which prove that tax and NI contributions are paid in...

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Jobs and Pensions in Finland

Jobs and Pensions in Finland Finding job in Finland as a foreigner The European Free Movement of Workers agreement makes finding job in Finland as a foreigner that much easier. It means that you can live and work in Finland without a visa or work permit. You do, however, need a residency permit. When you register residency, you will be asked why you want to live in Finland, and your permit may be based upon your work prospects. It may be a permit based on...

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Social Life in Finland

Social Life in Finland Finns are generally relaxed about dress and manners — but they do not appreciate unpunctuality. If you are running late, let your host or business associates know — but try to be prompt. Finns also have little time for “small talk” and, in fact the language has no word for “please”. And you need not worry about the occasional silences, those are one of several finish trademarks that make social life in Finland both...

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Finnish Language and Culture

Finnish Language and Culture Want to learn about Finnish Language and Culture? You must read this article first. Culture Finland might be known for its free schools and the quality of education, but did you know that Finland was also the first country to grant every person the right to have one-megabit broadband connection? It’s no surprise that it has even been called the Silicon Valley of Europe and...

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Moving to Finland

Moving to Finland The oldest Chewing Gum in the world has been found — it’s 5 000 years old! That finding is especially moving to Finland nationals, as this astounding record now belongs to Suomi. A piece of chewing gum, with tooth marks from the Stone Age chewer belonged to someone who used to live on the area of modern day Finland. Made from birch bark, it contains phenol, an antiseptic useful to treat infections — so...

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Relocating to Finland from UK

Relocating to Finland from UK When relocating to Finland from UK, you will need to take care of several formalities, most prominent of those are passing the customs and registering your stay. Customs Although Britain is not a member of the...

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Relocating to Finland

Relocating to Finland Settling in Finland Buying a home may be a crucial matter when you’re relocating to Finland. Happily it’s safe and non-problematic. The provisions of the legislation are clear and understandable. Note that to buy in the Aland Islands it is necessary to purchase a special permit from the Finnish government. If you buy an apartment, you are probably buying shares in a housing company. Check what the costs cover. You will have to pay...

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Moving to Finland with Pets

Moving to Finland with Pets Moving to Finland with pets is possible, but there are requirements you need to be aware of well before of the moving day. If you’re moving to Finland you’re probably already aware of the fact that a lot of requirements, laws and regulations in place are coming from the EU. This sometimes makes it hard to make any sense of the system. One of the most important things to understand is...

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11 Tips for move to Finland

11 Tips for move to Finland Prepare for your travel with 11 Tips for move to Finland Finland – the country where you can roam the wilderness, ski in an unspoilt land and enjoy water sports on one of it 180,000 lakes. Although Finland is the fifth largest country in Europe, it is also the least populated, with around 5.4 million people.While the winters are long and dark, this is the land of the...

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