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Important – removals checklist before you move to another country

What not to do with piano removal Once I decided to relocate, I knew I had to prepare for moving abroad. The administrative tasks were quite daunting, so I prepared a removals...

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What not to do with piano removal

What not to do with piano removal When we relocated abroad, we found that preparing our piano removal was one of the most daunting tasks facing us. We have an old – and exceedingly heavy – upright piano. It probably weighs almost half a ton and is top-heavy to boot. Even a small spinet style of piano weighs around 300 pounds. It was also highly polished, and easily marked or...

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Packing Tips – prepare yourself for moving abroad

Packing Tips – prepare yourself for moving abroad Tips for packing your house to move. Imagine – relocating from a big four bedroom house – FULL OF STUFF- to a one bedroom flat in a foreign country – but living in one room in a relative’s house while the flat is...

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Cantons of Switzerland

Cantons of Switzerland The word canton means district or a section or part of a country; in total there are 26 cantons in Switzerland. Not all cantons speak the same language, some cantons are French speaking, German speaking and Italian speaking, while in other cantons like Graubünden: German, and Romansh are spoken. Switzerland has become the international hotspot of choice for wealthy Britons looking to relocate abroad. There are many established British communities in the...

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Public Transport Timisoara Romania

Public Transport Timisoara Romania The Public Transport Timisoara consists of extensive network of trams, trolleybuses, buses, designated cycling paths, taxis and very efficient network of Uber drivers. Most Romanians from Timisoara, especially those in their 20’s and 30’s speak good English and are very helpful. The good thing about Romania is that you don’t feel intimidated or somehow discriminated here just because...

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Moving to Italy with a Family

Moving to Italy with a Family Visit the lovely hill town of Marostica, about 1½ hours from Venice, to see a re-enactment of a live chess duel. In 1454 Lord Tadio Parisio held a living game of chess to decide between two noblemen who wanted the hand of his beautiful daughter, Leonora. The loser had to make do with his younger daughter, Oldrada. He held a grand parade with fireworks, flag-throwing and a great feast. Every two years the event is...

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Moving to Germany Checklist

Moving to Germany Checklist Angela Merkel Upstages Them All. She is tall, blonde and curvaceous with cornflower blue eyes – and yes – she’s a Barbie doll, modelled on the current German Chancellor. Mattel celebrated the  50th anniversary of Barbie with version modelled on German chancellor and she was the highlight of the German toy fair at Nuremburg upstaging the other...

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Retirement in France for UK citizens

Retirement in France for UK citizens Many Brits have retired in France. The country is extremely popular with the Brits because of its close proximity to England. France is separated from England by the English Channel. Paris is the most populous city in France and also the capital, there is a large community of British expats in Paris, as a result The Cote d’Azur is an Anglophone or English speaking area, as well as Aix en Provence with...

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Fly Tipping UK, a common problem in the UK

Fly Tipping UK, a common problem in the UK Fly Tipping UK Figures released back in 2015 highlighted that more than half of the 10 worst areas for fly tipping UK, illegally dumping rubbish, were in London. Topping that list was Haringey, situated in north London, with a whopping 25,000 cases being reported in 2014. To put that into perspective, this was the equivalent of one fly tipping offence for every 10 people residing in the...

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Property renting process in Austria

Property renting process in Austria Having just arrived from London to escape the rainy cold winters of the UK to spend the winter skiing in the Austrian Alps, I was lucky enough to move straight into an apartment found by a friend. Therefore, being blissfully unaware of the puzzling property renting process in Austria. Albeit this was no...

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How to get Red White Red Card in Austria

How to get Red White Red Card in Austria Since 2011 Austria has introduced the Red White Red Card which allows workers who meet certain criteria from 

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Moving to Austria from UK

Otzi the iceman Undisturbed for 5000 years, his relatives live on. Otzi – entombed in ice, on the borders of Austria and Italy, lay undisturbed for over 5,000 years, yet his relatives, as proved by DNA testing, are alive today. From Otzi to Mozart, Austria is a country with a rich heritage, and a beautiful, diverse countryside, from the plains in the North to the Alps in the South....

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Belgium Medical Care

Belgium Medical Care Belgium medical care is extremely good, and easy to access, once you know how. If you need immediate medical care get permission before you go get – form SR2 or SR1 if you have not had time to get permission. These can be obtained from the European Cross Border healthcare Team NHS England Fosse House, 6 Smith Way Grove Park, Enderby Leicestershire, LE19 1SX...

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Moving to Belgium with a dog

Moving to Belgium with a dog In 2010 over 4,000 people living in 100 different countries were surveyed about their family life by HSBC International, and Belgium came out top of the poll for a great lifestyle, better education for the children, a feeling of greater safety and a more active, outdoor life. Community spirit is high, the social life is good and there are plenty of opportunities. Belgium was a founder member of the EU in 1952, and...

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