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Important removals checklist before you move to another country

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What not to do with piano removal

Once I decided to relocate, I knew I had to prepare for moving abroad. The administrative tasks were quite daunting, so I prepared a removals checklist – and cheered whenever I could cross off a job done.

Top tip

Keep a special notebook, and computer file (backed up!) Also an e-mail file. Note who you spoke to and when, and what about. File all correspondence.

My Check List

1. Sell my house.

2. Find a reliable removal and storage company.

3. Notify HMRC.

4. Bank accounts

5. Pensions

6. ISA and savings – get professional advice.

7. Prepare for moving abroad by getting together the information to inform your new country about all your assets.

8. Medical matters

9. Visit the vet about 3 months before the move and ensure rabies vaccination, microchip and all vaccinations up to date for your pets relocation. They need their own passports.

10. Driving licence – ensure up to date. When I move get the European licence.

11. Check the rules of the road. Make sure I have the requisite items I have to legally carry in the car.

12. Ensure my will up to date – and be prepared to make another one out in Belgium as intestate rules may differ.

13. Sort out the actual move – buy tickets, prepare pet carriage and define route.

14. Inform utilities company that you are preparing to move abroad.

15. Inform local authority -I actually got a rebate!

16. Arrange for post to be forwarded.

This was my list – and it did seem adequate, although the preparation for moving abroad was quite a complicated business. I was often glad of my little notebook, to remind where I had got up to in my preparation for moving abroad.

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Last updated on 12th August 2019

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