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Flexibility of loading

both big and smaller orders.

Flexibility of loading

both big and smaller orders.

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How flexible you need to be with dates of loading of smaller orders?

All services to the European continent are provided using large vans with a total loading capacity of up to 15 cubic meters (up to 1200kg). This weight limit for 15m3 loads however, differs for Austria and the non-EU nations of Switzerland and Norway. The weight limits for these three nations are 1000kg, 900kg and 900kg, respectively.

Small and Medium Size Orders (5 & 10 cubic meters)

If the items you are planning to move to another European country only amount to either 10 cubic meters (600kg) or 5 cubic meters (300kg) – that is smaller orders – you can save money by sharing the total loading capacity of the van with another customer moving to the same country as you. In order to ensure that orders are not mismatched in any way we run a strict order verification procedure where drivers check all the boxes, furniture and other items with the “CMR form” cargo movement form at the loading and unloading places. Using this service for small and medium orders can help you to save up to 75% on your European Removal but in order to qualify for this service we require some flexibility with dates from you.

For example:

If you move 5 cubic meters (300kg) of items from Oxford to Lyon in France and your preferred collection date is the 16th January, you need to have your belongings ready from the 14th January for collection so we are able to synch up with the other customer whose load we will carry. We might be collecting your order on the 14th January but no later than on the 16th January. We will contact you at least 8 hours before the collection and deliver your items no later than 3 days later.

Large Orders (15 cubic meters)

If your international move is expected to take up the full loading capacity of the removal vehicle you can choose the exact date and time for loading. This is because the van allocated to your service will be used exclusively for your own use and will not be stopping to collect additional order before coming to collect your items. For large orders (15 cubic meters – up to 1200kg) we guarantee that we will arrive for collection on the agreed time and deliver your possessions straight to their European destination.

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