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Cheap Removals to and from Europe

Cheap European Removals

Prices starting from just £248

You won't find a cheaper price for your move from the UK to Europe. Our prices are the cheapest because we've stripped away all the bells and whistles in order to deliver you a streamlined and no frills removal service. Get great value with VanOne.

Secure Is Our Middle Name

Secure Is Our Middle Name

Fully insured international movers

In addition to free insurance protection, what makes us secure is the experience of our drivers and the rigorous training they undergo. Whether it's lifting heavy items or transporting your goods, they always operate on the principle of safety first.

Superb Customer Service

Superb Customer Service

Great service AND value

Our friendly UK based customer service team keeps you updated throughout the entire move; our drivers are always punctual and treat your belongings with as much care as if they were their own; our prices and terms are 100% transparent.

international movers vanone
international movers vanone

VanOne is an International Mover

From our humble beginnings more than a decade ago, VanOne has grown from a team of 3 to a company employing over 70 people in the UK as well as in the rest of Europe. We are operating across all of the European Union countries, plus Switzerland and Norway. Our commitment to safety, customer service and low prices are what makes us the most popular choice for European removals in the UK.

By keeping our costs down and cutting out all the fuss and frills, we are able to offer low rates for long distance European moves. Our customers pack and prepare for their removals themselves. We, in exchange for their involvement in the removal process, offer them a cheap and most importantly safe way of transporting their precious goods to their new home anywhere in Europe.

Why Our Prices Are So Low?

Our international mover prices are low because we only include a one-way journey in our costs. Most of our competitors, on the other hand, calculate their service costs by adding the sum of the cost of outbound and the return journey. We don’t have to charge our customers for the return journey because our fleet of vans and the European coverage is thorough enough that we can keep our vans loaded: regardless of whether we are travelling to or from the European continent.

The other reason why we are cheaper than most of the other removals companies in the UK is that our service is stripped right to the basics. Our vans are driven by only one helpful driver. Packing and furniture dismantling is not included in our service. We are really good at collecting and delivering domestic removals quickly, safely and cheaply, anywhere in the European Union, Switzerland and Norway.

Great value European moves with VanOne

Canterbury, UK to
Bragança, Portugal

£ 624

Brighton, UK to
Kavala, Καβάλα, Greece

£ 1757

Inverness, Scotland to
Bari, Italy

£ 891

Marseille, France to
London, UK

£ 530

Cork, Ireland to
Sopot, Poland

£ 1043

Oxford, UK to
Essen, Germany

£ 420

Bern, Switzerland to
Leeds, UK

£ 639

Exeter, UK to
Belfast, UK

£ 555

Cardiff, UK to
Brno, Czechia


London, UK to
Turku, Finland


Get quotes and book online with VanOne

VanOne makes it simple and easy to book your move. You can request quotes, make enquiries and place your booking, all through our online portal. There is also telephone support, in case you have any questions or need to speak to us.

Check out the rest of the VanOne website for more information about your move. You could also complete the online form at the top of this page, for a fast response.

book cheap removals to europe with vanone
book cheap removals to europe with vanone

What Do We Do To Keep Our Services Absolutely Safe?

As a responsible International Mover, we insure all of our removals. Our customers enjoy the benefits of our Goods in Transit Insurance, which covers them for up to £20,275 in case of any road incident that may cause damage to their possessions, or theft. In addition to this, we train our drivers to load domestic removals properly and we teach them ways of reducing the risk of goods being damaged during the transportation.

Our customers can also enjoy the ease of buying professional packaging materials that are designed for domestic removals from the VanOne Packaging Materials Shop. You can now order the packaging materials for your move online, during the removal booking process or at any time from the removals packaging materials.

How Does VanOne work?

Everything starts here on this website. In order to request the quotation for your removal, you have to type the name of the place you’re planning on moving from and the name of the place you are moving to. Our artificially intelligent system will calculate all our costs, and automatically email you the quotation for the service required by you.

If you are happy with the quoted price and the service level we offer, you can book and schedule your removal online. The process is similar to booking flights. To confirm your booking you will be required to pay approximately 25% of the quoted price as the booking deposit. The remaining balance is payable by card in the VanOne Customer Portal, no later than on the day of your move.

good service doesnt need to cost the earth
Good service doesn’t need to cost the earth

Meet the fantastic team who will be coordinating your move

VanOne is staffed by experienced and trusted professionals, who make sure your European move goes to plan. Meet the team working behind the scenes to keep all of VanOne’s moves on track.


John Singleton

European Operations Manager

John Singleton joined the team in 2011. He is the master conductor at VanOne, responsible for managing and coordinating the entire fleet of vehicles. Every day he ensures the right vehicles get to the right addresses…

Vanone Team - Michael Heisenberg

Michael Heisenberg

Customer Service Assistant

Michael Heisenberg is an old hand at VanOne, having been with the company since its inception in 2007. His job is to ensure VanOne’s customer service team lives and breathes the values of delivering superb service…

Danielle Murillo

Customer Services Advisor

Danielle Murillo is a relatively new recruit, joining the team early last year. She is responsible for delivering the first class customer service which VanOne are renowned for. A typical day for her involves helping customers over…

Trust VanOne,
The UK’s No’ 1 European Removalist,
to deliver low prices,
safe moves and excellent customer service


VanOne Customer Services Policy

At VanOne we attach great importance to the quality of our customer service. We have learnt over the last 10 years that we must keep our customers informed about the whereabouts of their vans during the removal service to keep them happy. For this reason, we’ve created the VanOne Customer Portal, where our clients can log in and track the location of their van on the map.

The VanOne Customer Portal also allows customers to manage payments, download invoices and check the name of the driver and the registration number plates of the van allocated to their service. On top of all these automated customer service tools, we also offer customer service over the telephone.

Fluctuating Prices

The demand for European removals changes on daily basis. Our system is designed to address the service availability shortages caused by the fluctuations in demand for European moves. The prices for our removals are usually higher when booked at short notice, and lower when booked well in advance. This is because the closer the booking is made to the removal date, the lower the number of available vehicles we have at hand. To get the best price for your European removal from VanOne, book sooner rather than later.

Frequently Asked Questions


Booking a European removal with VanOne is as easy as booking flights online.

  • Go to and request your quote.
  • An email with three quotes will be send to you immediately after your request.
  • To book your move, please check the email with VanOne quotes and click on the option you require for your move.
  • Then the website will guide you through the booking process.


Yes indeed. Your goods are insured with Goods in Transit insurance of up to £20,275 so if something happens during the transportation, for example, the ferry boat sinks or there is a car crash on the motorway, you can make a claim to recover the loss. (image)


The Insurance Form will be emailed to you once you have completed your booking with us. You will be required to fill in this MS Excel form, stating all the items that you will be moving as well as their values, and email it back to us. If something happens during the journey, the insurer will refer to this list to determine the value of your loss. (image)


We understand how important it is that your items get to you safely. You can purchase Heavy Duty Shrink Wrap and Furniture Removal Protective Blankets from our online shop and use them to prepare your household for removal. Wrapping items up and packing them away carefully will considerably reduce the risk of things getting damaged. (image)


It is the customer’s responsibility to prepare all the goods for removal, and we ask that items are packed away securely before the driver arrives.(image)


With VanOne you can book 5, 10, 15 or 30 cubic metres of space in the van(s). Booking a full van (15 or 30 cubic metres of space) gives you complete control over the day and hour of collection. If you want to save money you can book just a part of space in the van (5 or 10 cubic metres), in which case the service will be significantly cheaper, but you will need to be flexible with the collection date. When booking 5 or 10 cubic metres, during the checkout process you select the latest day of collection and we are obliged to load on that day or up to two days before the date you’ve chosen.

Example – if you move 5 cubic metres from London to Paris and your preferred collection date is the 16th of January, you need to have your belongings ready for collection from the 14th January. We will contact you at least 8 hours before collection and deliver your items no later than 3 days after.

The Paperwork For European Removals

Moving between two countries may sound complicated but in reality, even the complex process of moving beyond the EU border is made easy with VanOne International Movers. Following Brexit our customers can no longer enjoy the benefits of the free movement of people and their goods when moving between the Uniteid Kingdom and European Union. Even so, we help our customers every step of the way to achieve a successful Transfer of Residence.

The paperwork you will be required to fill in varies depending on the country you’re moving to. The constants are the CMR Form (a basic 1-page document that accompanies any cargo shipment in the EU), the Insurance form, the Passport or ID copy and the Self-Certificate. The CMR will be handed over to you by the driver on the day of your removal. The Insurance Form is an inventory of all the bulky items that you would like to include in your move. The template of the Insurance Form will be sent to you by email shortly after your booking is confirmed. The Self-Certificate is a statement affirming your use of the transported items in your place of residence and their continued use in your new home. We will provide you with a useful template of this document. The other documents you may need will be listed in your customer portal on the “Paperwork” section. You can also find the required documents list on the page of the country you choose to move to.

To find the list of required documents, please navigate to the main menu on top of this page and select your destination.

Moves to Switzerland and Norway are slightly different. This is because neither of these countries is part of the European Union. If you are moving to Switzerland or Norway, you will be required to supply us with additional paperwork. For more information about the Swiss officialdom please click here, and for the Norwegian officialdom please click here.

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