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Removals to Greece

Making the big move to Greece? You’ll want a removal service that’s been there and back before. That’s us. But there’s more to us than just our experience. At VanOne, we’re passionate about our values. They are the backbone of what makes us successful. These values are:

  • Providing outstanding service.
  • Taking complete care with your possessions.
  • And guaranteeing the cheapest price for removals to Greece.

So click on the quote form and before you know it you’ll be eating moussaka and watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding in the comfort of your new home.

VanOne also offers Greece to UK removals so request a quote if you need a removal service to bring your possessions over to the UK from Greece.

Your journey with us:

Everything begins when you open the door to our friendly driver. Trained in heavy lifting, he will help you transfer all your treasured belongings into our state of the art van, packing them neatly and safely inside. Once you’re sure everything is in, you can wave him off – the next time you’ll see him will be when he knocks at your front door in Greece!

Of course you will be concerned about the safety of your belongings. That’s why we reassure you with regular updates while we travel. When we’re two hours away from your new home, you will get a courtesy call telling you when we expect to arrive. When we get there, your friendly driver will help you to unload your belongings and carry them into your new house. Can it be that easy? Yes it can – and it is!

Removals to Greece from UK

Documents you’ll need to move to Greece:

On the first of January 2021, paperless removals from the UK to the EU (and vice versa) ceased to be possible. Before Brexit, moving a house to Greece was as smooth as relocating within the UK. Now it is necessary to comply with the Transfer of Residence procedure in order to avoid paying import VAT (24% of the total value of goods) for the possessions you move to Greece. Below is a list of the documents you will need to apply for this status and avoid these VAT charges.

We will not be able to collect your belonging before the paperwork below is complete:

  • A copy of ID card or Passport.
  • A certificate from the local council in Greece to certify residency. Alternatively, suppose the EU customs agent agrees, it might be enough for you to supply a document confirming that you are an EU resident or intend to become one, for example:
    • If you live with your family in the EU, please ask them to complete and sign this template and provide a copy of their personal ID and a utility bill with the address
    • Or if you are employed in the EU, please provide your EU employment contract.
    • Or if you have living arrangements in the EU, please provide a utility bill with your name and address on it or your tenancy agreement, or the property ownership deed.
  • A detailed, signed packing list with the value, size and weight of each listed item. Please fill in all fields provided in VanOne Insurance Form.
  • A UK certificate of residence or other evidence that you’ve lived in the UK at least for the last 12 months (e.g. 12 months of council tax bills or bank statements showing address).
  • A self-certificate (please use this template) to inform the customs authorities that you’ve used the household objects at your usual residence in the UK for more than six months and that you won’t sell, rent or pledge them after receiving them in your new place and that you aim to remain an EU resident for at least one year.
  • A signed authorization for the customs clearance agent to act as your direct representative. A blank form will be supplied to you by VanOne after you confirm your booking.

You must print and sign all the documents and have them ready for the driver in a large envelope. Please also supply completed documents electronically via the customer portal for verification.

The documents listed above are required before the collection of your belongings. On the day of your move you will also receive a CMR form (a cargo movement form) to fill out.

If you want to speed up the process or find out more you might want to contact your local customs office in Greece.

You can also visit this Greek website for more information about bringing personal effects to Greece (or the Dutch Government website for information in the English language).

How to prepare:

“Proper planning prevents poor performance.” This saying may originate from the British Army, but it’s very relevant for house removals to Greece too. When packing your belongings, make sure you: cover up or place padding on furniture, and secure loose items by placing them in boxes or suitcases.

If you need packing materials, do check our online store where you’ll be able to order protective blankets and heavy-duty shrink wrap.

How long does the removals to Greece take to complete?

The average trip from the UK to Greece is just 56 hours, so it’s very quick. The driver will simply load the van and head straight for the destination. Therefore it’ll be no time before you’re sitting in that old chair of yours again drinking a cup of tea.

  • Please note: moves from Wales or Scotland can take longer.
  • Orders smaller than the capacity of the removal van (<15 cubic meters) can take up to 5 days to deliver. For more info please click here.

How to get cheap removals for your move to Greece

Moving to Greece from the UK? People planning a move to Greece usually turn to the Internet to find a cheap deal on removals. However, there are some things you should know about this market before you book your move, if you want to avoid paying too much for your move. Not all cheap removals to Greece are what they seem!

  • Middleman companies and price comparison sites may appear higher in the list when you search for international removals. They advertise cheap deals – but you will pay more later. This is because the middleman passes your details to the third party removals companies. These in turn charge more, to cover the middleman’s commission.
  • You can avoid the hidden charges and get a truly great deal on house removals UK to Greece. You need to contact a removals company like VanOne directly.

How to spot genuine removals companies online

If you want to tell the real companies from the middleman sites, this advice from VanOne should help. We are a genuine London based international removals service. We offer affordable house and flat removals to Greece from anywhere in the UK.

  • Look for the company name on Companies House. All UK businesses are required to be registered here: a fake brand will not appear on the list.
  • Check the business website, especially the images. Genuine removals companies like VanOne use real photographs of their own moving staff and removals vans.

Safer removals to Greece from the UK

Moving to Greece with a genuine removals company is the best way to ensure your move runs smoothly and your possessions stay safe. Authentic international removals companies like VanOne collect your goods from your UK address. They take them directly to your new home in Greece. There are no complicated logistics: your belongings will not pass through warehouses and storage facilities so the chance of loss or damage is minimal. Plus, for added peace of mind, all VanOne house and flat removals to Greece are covered by our comprehensive Goods in Transit insurance. Call today for more information.

Easy, Safe & Cheap:

It may be simple, but our service is special. That’s because we hold true to our three core values designed to make your house-moving experience as pleasant and problem-free as possible. Here, in simple terms, are what our values mean to you: easy, simple, cheap. It’s easy because of our stellar customer service, safe because of our commitment to taking care of your possessions, and cheap because we’re so efficient. We don’t need to charge you an arm and a leg. So then, click for a quote and we’ll get you to Greece right away!

Moving back to the UK from Greece?

VanOne is proud of the cost-effective service we offer. This includes cutting expenses wherever possible because we aim to pass the savings onto you. Part of this is our reverse journey removals. We can also move customers from Greece to the UK, and this means our vans never travel empty.

If you are moving to the UK from Greece, whether for business or pleasure, VanOne can make that move happen. We can collect your possessions from any part of mainland Greece, and transport them safely to your new home in any UK town or city.

Questions about removals to Greece answered

Something you’re still not sure about? Please visit our FAQ page, where you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for. VanOne is proud to offer quality European removals at affordable rates. We are a trusted and well established UK company. For removals to Greece, put your trust in us. You will see why we are the number one choice for so many customers. Get your free quote online today by completing our contact form.

Contribution by Michael Pawlicki

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