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Removals to Romania

So you’re making the big move to Romania? You’re going to want to use a removal company that’s been there before. That’s us. But we’re more than just your standard removals to Romania service. You only need to look at our three values to realise this. They are:

  • To deliver terrific customer service.
  • To treat our customers’ belongings with complete care – as if they were our own.
  • And to offer the lowest prices for removals to Europe.

So click on the quote form and before you know it you’ll be eating Mamaliga (maize porridge) and watching Count Dracula in the comfort of your new home.

Relocating from Romania to the UK? VanOne will help you move to the UK from Romania with the same speedy, efficient and affordable removals service.

Your journey with us:

Our driver will arrive at your door with a smile on his face, and you’ll discover that not only is he an expert at what he does, he is friendly too. Being trained in heavy lifting, he will help you carry all your possessions to our state of the art van before making sure they’re all neatly secured inside. Then, it’s off to Romania!

Naturally you’ll be concerned about your belongings. Don’t worry – we’ll update you regularly as we travel, and when we’re two hours away from your new home, we’ll phone you to let you know when we’ll be there.

Two hours later, the same friendly driver who helped to pack your possessions will arrive, ready to help you unpack them again and carry them inside. It really is that simple!

Removals to Romania from UK

Documents you’ll need to move to Romania:

It has become the reality, as of 2021, that removals to Romania from the United Kingdom are a process encumbered by bureaucracy. After Brexit, in order to perform your relocation, we will request quite a few documents. These are not for us though, but for the customs office in your new country. Based on that paperwork, the customs authorities in Romania will decide whether or not your removal qualifies for the Transfer of Residence status. Without that status, in the worst case scenario, your goods can be considered a regular import and be charged the import VAT at a rate of 19% of the total value of your goods.

The documents listed below are necessary and we won’t be able to collect your belongings before the paperwork is complete:

  • A copy of ID card or Passport.
  • A certificate from the local council in Romania to certify residency. Alternatively, suppose the EU customs agent agrees, it might be enough for you to supply a document confirming that you are an EU resident or intend to become one, for example:
    • If you live with your family in the EU, please ask them to complete and sign this template and provide a copy of their personal ID and a utility bill with the address
    • Or if you are employed in the EU, please provide your EU employment contract.
    • Or if you have living arrangements in the EU, please provide a utility bill with your name and address on it or your tenancy agreement, or the property ownership deed.
  • A detailed, signed packing list with the value, size and weight of each listed item. Please fill in all fields provided in VanOne Insurance Form.
  • A UK certificate of residence or other evidence that you’ve lived in the UK at least for the last 12 months (e.g. 12 months of council tax bills or bank statements showing address).
  • A self-certificate (please use this template) to inform the customs authorities that you’ve used the household objects at your usual residence in the UK for more than six months and that you won’t sell, rent or pledge them after receiving them in your new place and that you aim to remain an EU resident for at least one year.
  • A signed authorization for the customs clearance agent to act as your direct representative. A blank form will be supplied to you by VanOne after you confirm your booking.

You must print and sign all the documents and have them ready for the driver in a large envelope. Please also supply completed documents electronically via the customer portal for verification.

The documents listed above are required before the day of your move. Our driver will also have a CMR form for you when he arrives for collection of your belongings.

If you want to speed up the process or find out more you might want to contact your local customs office in Romania.

You can also visit this government resource for more information about bringing personal effects to Romania (or the Dutch Government website for information in the English language).

How to prepare:

There’s an old saying in the British Army: proper planning prevents poor performance. The same holds true with moving. In order for your possessions to be as safe and secure as possible in transit, we recommend you place all loose items in boxes or in suitcases, and that you cover up (or place padding on) any furniture.

If you need materials for packing, you can check out our online store where you’ll find heavy-duty shrink wrap and protective blankets. VanOne is more than just a removals to Romania specialist – we can also supply all packing materials!

How long does the journey to Romania take?

You’ll be there in no time at all. Once our drivers have loaded up the vehicle with your furniture and items, they drive straight for your new home. The average journey from the UK to Romania takes just 48hrs, so you’ll be sitting on your favourite sofa with a glass of champagne in hand before you know it.

  • When moving from Scotland or Wales, transit times can take longer.
  • If goods being transported are less than the maximum loading capacity of the vehicle (<15 cubic meters) it could take five days for delivery. For further details, click here.

How to search for cheap removals to Romania online

If you are relocating from the UK to Romania, you will want to find the cheapest removals deal. Many people turn to the search engines to find cheap removals and tend to choose the top result, but this isn’t always the best way to guarantee a great deal.

VanOne has some tips for you, so you can spot the best international removals deals and ensure you are getting a fair price for your move.

  • Many price comparison sites and middleman services rank higher in Google than genuine UK removals brands. It might appear you are getting a great deal: but you will pay more for your move to Romania through the middleman’s commission.
  • Going to a genuine removals company directly is the best way to ensure you only pay for the services ordered – and not for the cost of the middleman referral. VanOne can offer you an affordable, competitive quote with no hidden charges.

Avoid extra fees on your UK to Romania removals

You don’t want to pay too much for your move from UK to Romania, so make sure you know how to spot a genuine removals company from a fake brand or middleman. VanOne is here to help you! Always follow these tips when searching for removals, and also other services.

  • Take a look at the Companies House business register. All registered UK companies appear on this list. If the international removals company is a real one, it will certainly appear on this register. VanOne is a registered removals firm, so you can trust us.
  • Make sure the company uses real photographs of their staff and vehicles on their website. Fake brands tend to just use stock images, sourced from online directories.

How to find the safest option for removals to Romania

If you choose a middleman service for removals to Romania, it will almost certainly cost more. Your goods could also be less safe. Many so-called cheap removals services use complicated logistics processes. Your belongings often pass through a number of different depots, and are frequently loaded and unloaded. This all increases the chance of loss or damage.

VanOne promises to deliver from Point A to Point B, so you know exactly where your goods are at all times. We take great care of your possessions, ensuring that everything arrives in one piece and that nothing gets lost. For added peace of mind, we have comprehensive Goods in Transit insurance and we offer our own satisfaction guarantee.

Easy, Safe & Cheap:

Why are we different? Because we believe you are special. That’s why we hold true to our three company values. Let us remind you of our values and of what they mean to you. Our first value is to provide first class service that makes your move as easy as possible. Our second value is to treat your belongings as if they were our own. This is to ensure your move is as stress free as possible. Our third value is to give you the very cheapest prices – does the benefit of this one really need explaining? So what are you waiting for? Click to get a quote.

Removals from Romania to the UK

VanOne is well known for our fast and efficient removals from the UK to countries in Europe, but did you know we can also move you in the other direction? Our skilled movers will assist with moving from Romania to the UK. We can pick up your possessions and transport them safely to any British town or city. If you are making a new life in the UK, or moving for work purposes, we can support you by moving your goods over. If you are moving back to the UK after spending time living in Romania, book your move with VanOne.

Any other questions about removals to Romania?

Still have some questions? Check out our FAQ page. We’re certain you’ll find the answers there. Let VanOne take care of your removals to Romania.

Contribution by Michael Pawlicki

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