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Removals to Liechtenstein

Looking for a removals service that is cost effective, reliable and secure? You need VanOne! We are the international movers who balance a high quality of service with exceptionally low prices. Our core values are:

  • To treat customers' belongings with care and respect
  • To deliver exceptional customer service every time
  • To offer the lowest price for removals to Liechtenstein

Click on the quote form now to book your move. We'll soon have your belongings safely moved to Liechtenstein. Before you know it, you'll be pouring yourself a glass of the famed local wine and settling down in front of the TV to enjoy some of 1FLTV's excellent programmes.

If you are moving from Liechtenstein to the UK then VanOne can also help with this. Our removals service crosses the Channel in both directions, offering cheap removals both to and from the UK. Request a quote now!

Your journey with us:

When it is time for your move to Liechtenstein, our friendly and helpful driver will arrive at your door to collect your goods. Drivers are trained in lifting heavy items; just have your packed boxes ready at the roadside or inside the front door, and we’ll load them right into the van for you.

Once everything is secured in the van, the journey to Liechtenstein begins. We keep in constant contact with our drivers and can track their progress. You’ll get a call when your driver is two hours from your door so you can get ready for the arrival of your belongings. When our driver reaches your new property, he will also help you unload your items and take them inside. We simply won’t be beaten on service!

Documents you’ll need for your Liechtenstein move:

Liechtenstein has been in a customs union with Switzerland since 1924. You must follow the Swiss rules to move your personal effects to Liechtenstein from the UK. We are, of course, going to assist you with the process.

Please remember to print and sign all the documents and have them ready for the driver in a large envelope. It is for the customs clearance agent in Liechtenstein.

Removals to Liechtenstein from UK

Preparing for your upcoming move to Liechtenstein:

When carrying out removals to Liechtenstein, we take great care to secure your items and transport them safely. However, we need you to pack those items securely to ensure they are fully protected during transit, and also to make loading easier.

Use high quality packaging materials, such as those found in our online store, and fasten them securely with tape. You should also cover upholstered furniture to keep it dust-free, place small items safely in bags or suitcases, and use bubble wrap or blankets to prevent scratches or breakages.

How long does a removal to Liechtenstein take?

Wondering how long the removals to Liechtenstein will take? We have done the maths for you! The average journey between the UK and Liechtenstein takes around 38 hours. This includes around seventeen hours of drive time, plus rest breaks for our driver. Your goods will always be well looked after during the journey.

Moves from Wales, Scotland and the North West will take a little longer to complete. Removals of less than 15 cubic metres can take up to five days, due to the economical shared usage policy that we operate. Check with your driver for a more accurate estimate of your removals journey time.

Getting cheaper removals to Liechtenstein from the UK:

Removals to Liechtenstein can be very expensive, especially if you choose a middleman service with added commission charges. You need no frills removals that get the job done quickly – and that is where VanOne can help! You won’t find us through price comparison websites, and we don’t use middleman services to sell what we do. Through organic search processes and good quality service, we are able to keep our costs low.

If you want the cheapest removals to Liechtenstein, you should always contact a removals company like VanOne directly. This is the only way to guarantee that there are no hidden fees. At VanOne, we have stripped back our service to keep the costs low. We offer incredible value, though we never compromise on quality. Get great service at a surprisingly low price with VanOne.

Cut out the middleman fees for cheap Liechtenstein removals

One common trick that middleman companies use is to establish websites for brands that appear authentic, to gain SEO points and boost their rankings. In truth, these sites simply refer your order to a shipping firm or similar. You could pay extra, and you also lose control over where your goods are, and who they are travelling with. Instead, look for genuine removals companies like VanOne.

  • A genuine removals company will appear on the Companies House register. This is a comprehensive database of companies that are registered to operate within the UK. Fake brands set up by middleman companies, and the middleman companies themselves, are unlikely to be found here.
  • The website of the international removals company should use images of its own people and vehicles. A brand that is not genuine will probably use stock images instead. Any real company, such as ours, should be proud to show off its fleet and its team of staff.

A safer way to complete your Liechtenstein move

When VanOne’s international movers carry out your removals to Liechtenstein, we travel directly from A to B and we keep your belongings with us at all times. Other removals companies, especially those organised by middleman services, often transport goods through a number of different channels. All that loading and unloading, plus the storage in between, greatly increases the chance that your goods will be lost or damaged. VanOne takes great care of your items and keeps them close at all times. When you cut out the middleman and come to us directly, you get a safe and reliable service, backed by comprehensive insurance.

Removals to Liechtenstein from the UK

If you are arranging a move from Liechtenstein to the UK, get a quote now with VanOne. Our moving service operates to and from mainland Europe so we can move you from your house in Liechtenstein to your new home in the UK. This two-way removal service allows us to keep our vans full and our costs down. Because of this, you always get the best possible price for your move. We are proud that we can offer the cheapest removals service in many cases. Put your trust in VanOne’s movers: book your move online today!

Easy, Safe & Cheap:

Our three core values are at the heart of everything we do. They are: to deliver great service; to take great care of your possessions; to give you the lowest price possible for removals to Liechtenstein. With service, care and value forming our mission statement, you can relax knowing that you are in safe hands. Book European removals with VanOne’s specialist no-frills moving service. We know that your move to Liechtenstein is also the start of a great adventure, and we want to make that experience as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Removals to Liechtenstein: your questions answered

Do you still have questions about your upcoming move? If there is anything else you need to know about moving to Liechtenstein, you can check out our blogs or you can visit our FAQs page. We are also available via email to discuss any aspect of your move, and to deliver a free quote with no obligation. Discover all the information you need on removals to Liechtenstein with VanOne.

Contribution by Michael Pawlicki

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