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The VanOne Story


VanOne started in 2007 as a London removals and courier service. Our one and only van, and the team of three workers, were sufficient to complete around seven London moves per week.


The key team members, Michael Pawlicki, Peter Zarow and Quang Linh Vu, are still full-time university students. Rafael Alexander and Marcus Sampaio also join VanOne to work the morning hours, while the remaining team members work shifts allocated to them between the university lectures and in the evenings. The first VanOne uniforms have large logotypes printed on them, and are of white color. Peter builts the first version of the website.


VanOne undergoes a significant structural change and as a result, all the part-time student workers are replaced by a team of six professional movers. We change the color of our uniforms to orange, and are very busy taking orders from households in the entire Greater London. Some customers contact us to help them to move from the UK to other countries in the European Union. This is where the VanOne story really starts to take shape.


The company shifts its focus from London to Europe. Inspired by the success of RyanAir, the managing director Michael Pawlicki turns the company into the UK’s first no-frills Pan-European mover. We employ multilingual drivers and collect orders from all over the UK and the EU.


Demand for VanOne services grows, so we establish our first call center in Enfield, North London. The orders are taken manually, over the phone and by email. Daniel Aung joins the company to help us to improve the efficiency of the customer service department.


Wladyslaw Madejczyk leads our new IT team, tasked to complete the upgrade of VanOne website. We segment our moves into three size options: 5, 10 and 15 cubic meters. We also enable automated quotes and online booking on our new website.


In order to respond to the growing demand for our no-frills European moving service from across the EU, we establish a parallel office and logistics center in Poland. Our UK customers continue to be served by our UK based customer services team. The EU customers are served by our team in Poland.


We roll out a completely new service booking system with the ‘Customer Service Portal’, which allows customers to book their international removals and manage their bookings online. Customers can track the location of their removal van on their smartphone or PC. We introduce our brand new Removals Packaging Materials Store as a complement to our core service (European Removals). Customers can select and order quality packaging materials for delivery. Our drivers also start using our newly designed black uniforms.

VanOne Story 2022 driver in front of a van

Due to Brexit, significant changes occur within the company, along with new customs clearance requirements. We hired new customs clearance staff members and introduced new simplified goods clearance processes. Our IT team created new document placement holders in our Customer Portal so customers can submit their documents online hassle-free. Our website undergoes changes reflecting information about the consequences of Brexit and service eligibility.