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Removals to Ireland

At VanOne, we offer the cheapest removal price from the UK to Ireland. But we realise it’s not just about price. It’s about peace of mind and simplicity too. So when you use us to move your treasured belongings,

  • We will take as much care with them as as if they were our own.
  • We will also provide you with exceptional customer service, because we want to ensure your move is pleasant and hassle free.

So click on the quote form and before you know it you’ll be drinking your third Guinness as you watch Riverdance in the comfort of your new home.

Moving to the UK from Ireland? VanOne can take your possessions over the Irish Sea and deliver them to your new UK home.

Your journey with us:

As soon as our driver arrives at your home, you’ll discover he is friendly and experienced. He’s also trained in heavy lifting, so he’s the ideal person to help you carry your possessions to our state of the art van, and to secure them safely inside. Once he’s packed everything, he’ll set off for Ireland!

Of course you’ll want to know your possessions are safe, so we’ll keep you informed of our progress throughout our journey. Two hours from your door, we’ll call to confirm the estimated arrival time. Two hours later, the same driver who helped you load your belongings will arrive, ready to help you unload them again and carry them into your new home. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? That’s because it is!

Documents you’ll need:

Completing piles of paperwork isn’t most people’s idea of a fun time. Therefore, you’ll be relieved to know you’ll only need to complete two forms for your move to Ireland. The first is a goods in transit insurance form. We provide you with this insurance free of charge. The second is a cargo movement (CMR) form. This is similar to an inventory form that you will fill in on the day of your move.

Removals to Ireland from UK

How to prepare:

There’s a famous saying: To be prepared is half the victory. The same is true is when planning for removals to Ireland. To make sure your possessions are as secure as possible during transit, we recommend you pack loose items in suitcases or boxes, and cover up or place padding on furniture.

If you require packing materials, just pay a visit to our online store where you can order protective blankets and heavy-duty shrink wrap.

How long does the journey to Ireland take?

It’s incredibly quick. Once everything is packed, the driver heads straight for Ireland. The journey takes just half a day, so you’ll be sitting back on that comfortable armchair with a mug of hot chocolate in hand in no time. We make sure removals to Ireland run smoothly and simply.

  • If you are moving from Wales or Scotland, the journey could take up to 26 hours.
  • When a removal vehicle is not loaded to full capacity (<15 cubic meters), it can take up to five days for delivery. Please click here for details.

How to get cheap removals UK to Ireland:

When preparing to move from the UK to Ireland, many people turn to the Internet in the hope of securing the cheapest removals deal. However, it is important to know a few things about the international removals market before you make a decision – otherwise your move to Ireland could end up costing you more, not less!

  • The highest ranking results in Google are often the price comparison sites and middleman services, which refer customers onto removals companies. These services charge commission fees to the removals company – which will be passed on to you for your move.
  • The cheapest removals are found by contacting genuine international removals companies like VanOne directly, as there are no hidden fees or charges.

Avoid middleman costs when arranging removals to Ireland

If you can spot the genuine removals companies from the middleman services, you can secure a great deal without paying extra for the referral. Follow VanOne’s advice and learn to tell the fake brands from the real businesses.

  • A genuine removals brand operating from the UK to Ireland should appear on the Companies House register. Middleman sites use fake company names to create leads, which they pass to other companies. Search the database to find the company name.
  • Check the removals company’s website. Authentic removals brands such as VanOne use real images of their staff and vehicles to advertise their services. On the other hand, a fake brand will usually use stock images sourced from libraries online.

Move safely with a genuine removals team

Middleman referrals can often be extremely risky. Your goods may be passed through a number of different locations and storage depots before they reach your new home in Ireland. When VanOne carries out house removals to Ireland, we always travel directly from Point A to Point B. This reduces the risk of loss or damage. This is so you can be sure your possessions will get back to you safely. For more information and to get your free quote – with no hidden service charges – call VanOne today.

Easy, Safe & Cheap removals to Ireland:

What makes us special? For a start, we firmly believe you are special, so we hold to our three core values, all with the aim of making your removals to Ireland simple and smooth. These values are best defined as follows: giving you terrific customer service to make your move easy, treating your belongings with care so you have complete peace of mind, and offering you the cheapest price available on the market, therefore putting more money in your back pocket. Easy, safe, cheap. That’s us. Click for a quote now.

Ireland to UK removal service

VanOne facilitates removals both ways, so we can also take you from Ireland to the UK. With our fast and efficient moving service, we collect your goods and transport them safely. You can move from anywhere in the Republic of Ireland to any UK town or city, when you engage the services of the VanOne team. We undertake reverse journey removals to ensure our vans never travel empty because this keeps our costs down. With the savings we make, we can offer low cost removals. You always get the best possible price for your move from Ireland to the UK: that is VanOne’s promise to you.

Any other questions?

If you have any further questions about our removals to Ireland, please check our FAQ page. You’re sure to find the answers there. VanOne is proud to offer a fast, cheap, safe and reliable moving service between the UK and Ireland. You can get a free quote and also book your move when you contact VanOne online. Get in touch right away to secure the best possible deal for your upcoming move.

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