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Removals to Switzerland

Want the cheapest removal price for your removals to Switzerland? You’ve come to the right place. Want a reliable, secure and friendly removal service? That’s us.

  • At VanOne we not only offer the cheapest prices, we also deliver superb customer service.
  • And take care of our customers belongings as if they were our own.

So click on the quote form and before you know it you’ll be sitting in the comfort of your new home, eating chocolate and opening a bottle of wine with your Swiss Army Knife.

Moving to the UK from Switzerland? VanOne can assist with our two-way removals service. Get a quote for low-cost removals from Switzerland to the UK: complete our online form now for a quick response from our team!

Your journey with us:

Everything starts with our friendly driver’s arrival at your door. He is experienced and specially trained in heavy lifting. He will help you carry all your items to our state of the art van, making sure they are stored safely and neatly inside. Once that’s done, with a cheery wave he’ll set off for Switzerland!

For your peace of mind, we will update you on our progress as we travel, so you are reassured that your items are safe. When we are two hours away, we will phone you, confirming the time we expect to arrive. Two hours later, the same friendly driver will be at your door. They will be ready to help you carry your belongings into your new house. Nothing could be simpler.

How to prepare:

There’s a British Army saying that should be taken to heart by anyone moving house: Proper planning prevents poor performance. To keep your belongings safe and secure, remember to cover or place padding on furniture, and place your loose items in boxes or suitcases.

If you need materials for packing, you can find protective blankets and heavy-duty shrink wrap in our online store.

Removals to Switzerland

Non-Collection Days: Please be aware that we do not collect any items or belongings from customers on Fridays and Saturdays.

Documents you’ll need to move to Switzerland:

Removals to Switzerland are a bit different than the ones performed between the EU and the UK. In order to successfully relocate to Switzerland you will need to persuade the customs authorities that you qualify for Transfer of Domicile status. Failing that, the Swiss customs officer may treat your possessions as ordinary imports and charge 7.7% import VAT, plus approximately 6.3% import duty on the value of goods. Diligently checking the official requirements and completing the paperwork is therefore of utmost importance.

To enable us to collect your goods as Transfer of Domicile, you need to provide the following documents:

  1. Completed Customs Declaration for Clearance of Household Effects (Swiss form 18.44). Printed, hand-signed and given to our driver.
  2. The evidence you’ve lived in the UK or elsewhere at least for the last 12 months (e.g. 12 months’ council tax bills or 12 months’ bank statements showing your address).
  3. A document of registration from the local council in Switzerland (Anmelden bei der Wohngemeinde) and a Swiss residential property lease or Swiss employment contract or if you live with your family in Switzerland, please ask them to complete it and sign this template to certify your residency.
  4. A detailed packing list. Please fill in all fields provided in VanOne Insurance Form.
  5. A copy of your ID card or Passport.

You must print and sign all the documents and have them ready for the driver in a large envelope. Please also supply completed documents electronically via the customer portal for verification.

Other than the above we will also need a signed CMR from, but this one our driver will provide you with on the day of your move.

If you want to speed up the process or find out more, you might want to contact your local customs office in Switzerland or use services of a Swiss customs clearance provider.

You can also visit this government resource or their FAQs page for more information about bringing personal effects to Switzerland.

Please note that we cannot collect your goods until we receive all the listed above documents and receive permission from the customs authority in Switzerland to initiate the transfer.

Learn how to get cheap removals from the UK to Switzerland

Are you are moving to Switzerland for work or for pleasure? You will need an international removals company who can move your possessions quickly, safely and affordably. However, when you search for cheap removals to Switzerland in Google, you may not always find the best deals right away. Here is how you can keep costs down when you move to Switzerland.

  • The top results in the search engines are often price comparison sites and middleman companies, who refer your lead onto a removals company in exchange for commission. If you use these services, your cheap removals could actually cost more.
  • If you cut out the middleman and contact an international removals specialist like VanOne directly, you will get a lower price for your move to Switzerland because there are no hidden fees and charges.

How to tell if a removals company is genuine

There are some ways you can determine the difference between genuine removals companies and middleman sites. This ensures you are booking your house removals UK to Switzerland through a trusted company. This way, you will get a fair quote.

  • Is the business registered on the Companies House database? Any international removals firm operating from the UK should be listed here as a limited company. Some middleman services use fake brands to create business leads. These brands are generally not registered companies.
  • Does the removals company’s UK website have authentic images of their own vehicles and staff? Fake brands offering house and flat removals to Switzerland will often use stock images from an online picture library instead.

Safer, cheaper house removals UK to Switzerland

Moving to Switzerland through a reliable local removals specialist is not just cheaper than using a middleman service – it could also be safer. You have no say when a middleman passes your details onto a third party company. Often your possessions could travel through a complicated logistics and shipping chain before reaching your destination.

The more often your goods are loaded and unloaded, the greater the chance of something being lost or damaged. VanOne loads up your items at your UK property and takes them directly to your new home in Switzerland. This is so you can be sure they will arrive safely.

Moving to the UK from Switzerland

In keeping costs down, we make sure our vans never travel empty. Saving on expenses in this way allows us to pass the savings onto you! How do we do this? We offer removals in both directions: from and to the UK. If you are moving back home after a period of work or study, or starting a new life in a British town or city, VanOne can facilitate your move.

Our professionals removal team will collect your belongings from any Swiss city, and get them safely to their destination in the UK. We are quick and efficient so you always get great service and value. Request a quote now with our handy online form.

How long do Removals to Switzerland take to complete?

Your belongings will be there in no time. Our driver loads the van, waves you goodbye, and heads straight for Switzerland. The average journey is just 24 hours (from the UK).

  • If you reside in Wales or Scotland, it could take 48 hours for delivery.
  • If your goods take up less than the full capacity of the removal vehicle (<15 cubic meters), delivery
    could take up to 5 days.
  • The weight limit for a 15m3 order is 900kg.
  • For more details on this please click here.

Easy, Safe & Cheap:

What makes us special is that we consider every customer to be special too. In addition to providing you with a simple and efficient removal service, we strive to make it pleasant and hassle free as well. We achieve this by focusing on our three core values. You get great service, 100% safe removals and super cheap prices. Easy, safe, cheap. We think that about covers it. So click for a quote now.

Any other questions about removals to Switzerland?

Still have some questions? You could also check out our FAQ page. We’re certain you’ll find the answers there.

Contribution by Michael Pawlicki

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