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Tips on moving to Switzerland

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10 tips to make your moving to Switzerland easy

Whether you are relocating to Switzerland to work, to retire or simply to enjoy the beautiful countryside, some preparation will make your move run smoothly. If work is your object, first find employment if it is not already arranged, since that will determine where you settle.Be aware that Switzerland has four languages -French, German, Italian and Romansh. Switzerland is divided into units called cantons – and they have a high degree of autonomy. Regulations about language, housing, and other matters will be different depending upon where you settle.

Tip 1 is Switzerland’s largest comparison site, and is filled with useful information. You may find a home, learn about the necessary insurances, customs requirements and much more at this site.

Where will you live? Your first need will be for a home. Again, gather information about the canton you wish to live in, as this will make a difference as to how easily you will settle in.

Tip 2

Customs. Pets are welcome, but the regulations are strict. Ensure you visit your vet well in advance to obtain pet passports, microchips and all the necessary vaccination including rabies.

Plants also have rules regulating what can and what cannot be imported into Switzerland. You will also need to make a list of your belongings for the customs officers – this need not be too detailed.

Tip 3

Documents. Make sure your passport is up to date! If you have identity cards ensure they are valid. If your employer can send you your work permit that might be useful. Ensure your driving licence is in order.

Tip 4

You must notify HMRC. Penalties for failure to do so can be severe. You also need to notify your banks, insurance companies, utilities and local councils, schools, telecommunications, television licences, not to mention your friends, and anyone else who needs to know. If you want your post forwarded you will need to arrange this in good time.

Tip 6

Money! Your bank will need to know about your move. You may be wise to keep a UK bank so that you can pay removers and other expenses in the UK in UK money – and open a Swiss bank account as soon as possible. International banks also help keep the cost of currency exchange down. A credit card with no charges for foreign transactions may be useful after you first move.

If you have savings, ISA’s or other investments, you would be wise to get professional advice. Switzerland offers many opportunities for investments and protection of your assets.

Tip 7

Insurances. You will need personal liability insurance as well as house contents insurance (cancel your UK ones unless you still need them).

Medical Insurance is mandatory in Switzerland. You have three months to register – but the sooner that is done the better.

Tip 8

Residence Permit. Once in Switzerland, you have 14 days to apply for a residence permit from the local authorities. You will need to do this before you actually start work.

You need the following documents:

  1. Official identity documents for every person, together with a passport photograph.
  2. Documents of family status – e.g. Marriage and birth certificates.
  3. Work contract
  4. A copy of your tenancy agreement
  5. Copy of your health insurance if possible

Tip 9

Your car. If you import it as a new car you have just one month to register it, but if it is imported as personal property you have up to a year.

Your car needs to be registered with the Road Traffic Licensing Department of your canton.

  1. Have you imported it correctly – and paid any due tax?
  2. Is the car correctly insured?
  3. Is your driving licence up to date – you may use your UK one for 12 months but then you have to obtain a Swiss one – don’t leave this as if you want to transfer it after 5 years you will have to pass a driving test!

Tip 10

Travel arrangements – try not to leave these to the last minute, you could find that quite stressful, especially if you have customs and pets to deal with. A good removal company can take a lot of this burden from you.

Having prepared and planned your move, you deserve to sit back and enjoy the prospect of moving to a fresh, clean and stunningly beautiful country – good luck with your move!

All you need now is a quick and accurate quotation of removal to Switzerland.

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Last updated on 12th August 2019

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