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Removals to Finland

So you’re making the big move to Finland? You’re going to need a removal company that’s been there before. That’s us. But we’re more than just your standard removal company. You only need to look at our three values to see this. They are:

  • To deliver a terrific customer service experience.
  • To treat all your belongings with complete care – just as if they were our own.
  • And to offer the cheapest prices for removals to Finland.

So click on the quote form and before you know it you’ll be sitting in the comfort of your new home eating reindeer after your trip to the sauna.

For removals to the UK from Finland you need the VanOne team. We can carry out your Finland to UK move quickly and for a great low price.

Your journey with us:

Our driver will arrive at your door with a smile on his face, and you’ll discover that not only is he an expert at what he does, he is friendly too. Being trained in heavy lifting, he will help you carry all your possessions to our state of the art van before making sure they’re all neatly secured inside. Then, it’s off to Finland!

For your peace of mind, we will update you on our progress as we travel, so you are reassured that your items are safe. When we are two hours away, we will phone you, confirming the time we expect to arrive. Two hours later, the same friendly driver will be at your door, ready to help you carry your belongings into your new house. Nothing could be simpler.

Removals to Finland from UK

Documents you’ll need for removals to Finland:

For a long while, moving house to Finland from the United Kingdom was as smooth as going there on vacation. Those times, however, ended on the first of January 2021. Removals after Brexit make it necessary to comply with the Transfer of Residence procedure in order to avoid paying import VAT (24% of the total value) for the possessions you move to Finland. We, as VanOne, are dedicated to ensure that this reasonably stressful experience will go as smoothly as possible for you.

To achieve that, and indeed even to be able to collect your goods and send them safely on the road to Finland, we will need from you the following documents:

  • A copy of ID card or Passport.
  • A certificate from the local council in Finland to certify residency. Alternatively, suppose the EU customs agent agrees, it might be enough for you to supply a document confirming that you are an EU resident or intend to become one, for example:
    • If you live with your family in the EU, please ask them to complete and sign this template and provide a copy of their personal ID and a utility bill with the address
    • Or if you are employed in the EU, please provide your EU employment contract.
    • Or if you have living arrangements in the EU, please provide a utility bill with your name and address on it or your tenancy agreement, or the property ownership deed.
  • A detailed, signed packing list with the value, size and weight of each listed item. Please fill in all fields provided in VanOne Insurance Form.
  • A UK certificate of residence or other evidence that you’ve lived in the UK at least for the last 12 months (e.g. 12 months of council tax bills or bank statements showing address).
  • A self-certificate (please use this template) to inform the customs authorities that you’ve used the household objects at your usual residence in the UK for more than six months and that you won’t sell, rent or pledge them after receiving them in your new place and that you aim to remain an EU resident for at least one year.
  • A signed authorization for the customs clearance agent to act as your direct representative. A blank form will be supplied to you by VanOne after you confirm your booking.

You must print and sign all the documents and have them ready for the driver in a large envelope. Please also supply completed documents electronically via the customer portal for verification.

The above documents have to be prepared and handed over prior to collection of your possessions. Another document we will need is a CMR form, but this the driver will provide for you to fill in on the day of your move.

If you want to speed up the process or find out more you might want to contact your local customs office in Finland.

You can also visit this government resource for more information about bringing personal effects to Finland.

How to prepare:

There’s a British Army saying that should be taken to heart by anyone moving house: Proper planning prevents poor performance. To keep your belongings safe and secure, remember to cover or place padding on furniture, and place your loose items in boxes or suitcases.

If you need materials for packing, you can check out our online store where you’ll find heavy-duty shrink wrap and protective blankets.

How long does the journey to Finland take?

The average trip from the UK to Finland is just 56 hours, so it’s very quick. The driver will simply load the van and head straight for the destination, so it’ll be no time before you’re sitting in that old chair of yours again drinking a cup of coffee.

  • Please note that moves from Scotland or Wales can take longer.
  • Orders smaller than the full loading capacity of the removal vehicle (<15 cubic meters) can take up to 5 days to deliver. For details please click here.

Getting cheap removals from UK to Finland online

When you plan a move from the UK to Finland, you need a cheap and reliable removals company who can get the job done. Many people turn to the search engines to find cheap international removals. Be warned though: the top results for removals in Google may not be as cheap as they first seem!

  • Many price comparison sites and middleman services claim to offer UK to Finland removals, in order to get your business. They then pass your details to a third party removals company. They charge that company a fee for their service – so the removals company must charge you more for your move.
  • When you contact an international removals specialist like VanOne directly, there are no middleman charges. This means you get a fair price for your move to Finland.

How to avoid the middleman fees and spot the real companies

Do you want to get cheap house removals to Finland from the UK? Make sure you book with an authentic removals company and not a lead generation site. You can spot the middleman companies with a few simple tricks, which VanOne is happy to share with you.

  • Search for the name of the international removals company in the Companies House database. UK companies are required to appear on this list, so you should be able to find any genuine removals company with a quick search.
  • Visit the removals company’s website and check out the images they use. Real companies like VanOne use photographs of their own vehicles and staff. Fake brands are illustrated with standard stock photos from an online library.

What is the safest way to move your belongings to Finland?

As well as saving money on your house removals UK to Finland, you want your possessions to be safe during the journey. Moving through a middleman service could be less safe than arranging your house and flat removals to Finland with VanOne. Middleman companies use third party removals and shipping services. So your goods could be loaded and unloaded any number of times during their complex journey. This greatly increases the chance that something will get lost or damaged. VanOne travels straight from your UK location to your new home in Finland, so you know that your belongings are being kept safe.

Moving from Finland to the UK

Are you in the process of moving from Finland to the UK? You’ll need a removals team that can make it happen! VanOne will pick up your possessions from any major Finnish town or city, and deliver them safely to your new British home. Our Finland to UK removals are part of our low price commitment: by never travelling with empty vans, we keep costs to a minimum and we pass the savings over to you.

Whatever your reasons for moving to the UK from Finland, let VanOne take care of the practicalities. We will transport your belongings safely in our spacious vans, crossing the Channel and unloading at your UK destination. To book a move or request a quote, use the online form provided.

Easy, Safe & Cheap removals to Finland:

We wanted to remind you why we’re different to other removal services out there. It’s because we put you first. Our three core values attest to this. Here is what they mean to you. Our fantastic service means you’ll find it’s a breeze to move to Finland with us, our commitment to caring for your belongings as if they were ours means they will be completely safe with us, and our very cheap prices mean you’ll have more money in your pocket to buy something you really want. So what are you waiting for? Click for a quote.

Any other questions?

Still have some questions about removals to Finland? Check out our FAQ page. We’re certain you’ll find the answers there. Get in touch today for more information. VanOne guarantees a safe, cheap and efficient move to Finland. Put your trust in our team.

Contribution by Michael Pawlicki

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