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Removals to Norway

Want the cheapest removal price for your move to Norway? You’ve come to the right place. Want a secure, reliable and friendly removal service? That’s us.

  • At VanOne we not only offer the cheapest prices, we take care of our customers belongings as if they were our own, and deliver superb customer service.

So click on the quote form and before you know it you’ll be eating smoked salmon and reading a Henrik Ibsen play in the comfort of your new home.

Get a quote for your Norway to UK removals with VanOne's each-way moving service. Start your new life in the UK with affordable, fuss-free removals.

Your journey with us:

Everything starts with our friendly driver’s arrival at your door. He is experienced and specially trained in heavy lifting. He will help you carry all your items to our state of the art van, making sure they are stored safely and neatly inside. Once that’s done, with a cheery wave he’ll set off for Norway!

Naturally you’ll be concerned about your belongings. Don’t worry – we’ll update you regularly as we travel, and when we’re two hours away from your new home, we’ll phone you to let you know when we’ll be there.

Two hours later, the same friendly driver who helped to pack your possessions will arrive, ready to help you unpack them again and carry them inside. It really is that simple!

Documents you’ll need:

Filling in tons of paperwork isn’t most people’s idea of a great time, so you’ll be delighted to know there aren’t too many forms to fill in when you are planning for your removals to Norway. In fact, there are just four. The first two are standard for all European countries: an insurance form (insurance is free of charge), and a cargo movement form aka CMR form. You’ll receive the former via email, and the latter on the day of your move.

Removals to Norway

The second two forms are unique to Norway. The first is a RD0030 form. This form lists the items intended for removals to Norway. You can download a copy of the form here: Norway RD 0030E form PDF download. The second form is actually a letter to Norwegian customs stating the purpose of your move (you must include a copy of your Passport with this form too).

All four forms must be handed to the driver before he departs for Norway. This will ensure your move runs smoothly and without incident.

How to prepare:

There’s a British Army saying that’s equally useful for anyone moving home: Proper planning prevents poor performance. When packing your belongings, make sure you: protect furniture by covering or placing padding on it and secure loose items by placing them in boxes or suitcases.

If you need packing materials, do check our online store where you’ll be able to order protective blankets and heavy-duty shrink wrap.

How long do removals to Norway take to complete?

Not long at all. Once our drivers have packed up the van with your items, they head straight for your new home. The average trip from the UK to Norway is just 72 hours, so you’ll be sitting on your favourite sofa with a cup of tea in hand in no time.

  • Please be advised, moves from Scotland or Wales may take longer.
  • Orders that are smaller than the loading capacity of the removal van (<15 cubic meters) can take up to 5 days to deliver. For more details please click here.

Learn how you can find cheap international removals online

If you are moving to Norway from the UK, you need a removals company who can safely transport all of your belongings to your new home. You also want the cheapest deal possible – and to make sure that your possessions are safe. The following information will help you avoid common mistakes, and select a cheap and reliable removals specialist.

The top companies on Google when you search for cheap house removals UK to Norway tend to be middleman companies and price comparison sites. These pass your details onto a removals company, in exchange for a fee from that company. In order to meet the cost of the referral fees, your ‘cheap’ removals deal could actually become very expensive.

The best way to get cheap house and flat removals to Norway is to contact a removals company like VanOne directly and requesting a free quote. When you go straight to the business, you cut out the middleman – and the fees.

How to tell the middleman sites from the genuine companies

Learn to spot fake removals brands from real ones, and you could save yourself money. Here is some advice you can use when looking for cheap removals to Norway:

  • Avoid businesses that use stock photographs on their website to advertise their international removals. A genuine company like VanOne is proud to show its vehicles and staff to you. You can see exactly who will be moving you to Norway – and how.
  • Look up the company name on Companies House. If the business is a genuine one registered within the UK, you will be able to find it on this database.

A safer method for moving from the UK to Norway

As well as saving you money on your move to Norway, using a removals specialist like VanOne is much safer. Third party ‘removals’ are often done by haulage and distribution companies, and they take complicated routes with a number of stops. Different companies may even handle your property at stages of its journey. This greatly increase the chance of your property being lost or damaged in transit.

To avoid this, use a removals company who take your possessions directly from one point to another. We will complete your removals to Norway safely, and for an affordable low price.

Easy, Safe & Cheap removals to Norway:

We believe you are special; therefore we want your experience with us to be pleasant and hassle free. The best way to achieve this is by adhering to our three core values. Here are what they mean to you: our superb customer service means you will find the whole process easy, our incredibly cheap prices mean you can spend the money you save on something you really want, and the care we show to your belongings means you can rest assured they will arrive in the same shape they left. So what more could you want? Some smoked salmon, you say? We’ll see what we can do. Click for a quote.

Removals from Norway to the UK

In addition to our UK to Europe removals, we also help customers who are moving from Norway to the UK. We can pick up your possessions from their current Norwegian location, and transport them safely across the continent to your new UK home. Our reverse journey removals are one of the ways VanOne keeps our costs low. With full vans each way, we also reduce our impact on the environment, which is great news for everyone!

If you are planning to move from Norway to the UK, get in touch with the VanOne team using our online form provided. We will send you a quote for your planned move, based on the specified dates and the size of your load.

Any other questions about removals to Norway?

If we haven’t answered all your questions about removals to Norway, please visit our FAQ page. The answer is sure to be there.

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