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Removals to Holland

If you’re like most of our customers that look for removals to Holland, you want to get the cheapest possible removal price, but don’t want to sacrifice reliability or security. We’ve got you covered. At VanOne our three core values are,

  • To provide fantastic service to our customers.
  • To take the utmost care when moving their belongings.
  • To give them the cheapest price for a removal to Holland.

So click on the quote form and before you know it you’ll be riding your bicycle home carrying a bouquet of tulips.

Moving to the UK from Holland is also an option, with VanOne's reverse journey removals. Request a quote for your move now!

Your journey with us:

It begins when our driver arrives on your doorstep with a smile, and a pair of willing hands, to help you carry your belongings. He’ll be experienced and trained in heavy lifting, and will make sure your items are loaded carefully into the van and secured safely. When everything is neatly packed, it’s next stop Holland!

Of course you’ll want to know your belongings are safe, so we will keep you updated throughout our journey. Two hours from your door, we’ll let you know our estimated arrival time; two hours later, the same driver who helped you load your belongings will be on your doorstep. He will help you unload your belongings and carry them into your new home. Sounds easy? It is!

Documents you’ll need:

When it comes to paperwork, moving to Holland couldn’t be easier. There are only two forms to complete: an insurance form – we provide goods in transit insurance free of charge, and a cargo movement form (CMR form) – the driver will hand this to you to fill in on the day of your move.

Removals to Holland from UK

How to prepare:

The British Army has an old saying: proper planning prevents poor performance. This applies to moving too. To keep your possessions as secure and as safe as possible during transit, we recommend you pack loose items in suitcases or boxes. Place padding on furniture, or cover it up.

For great prices on packing materials such as protective blankets and heavy-duty shrink wrap, just visit our online store.

How long do the removals to Holland take?

It’s super quick. Our driver heads directly to your destination. The average trip from the UK to Holland is half a day, so it won’t be long before you’re relaxing in the comfort of your new Dutch home.

  • When moving from Scotland or Wales, transit times can take up to 36 hours.
  • If goods being transported are less than the maximum loading capacity of the vehicle (<15 cubic meters) it could take five days for delivery. For further details, click here.

How to get the cheapest removals to Holland from the UK:

People moving to Holland often try the search engines in the hope of finding the cheapest international removals. If you are looking for cheap removals to Holland, VanOne has some important advice for you which will help you you secure that great deal, and make your move to Holland more affordable.

  • When you search for cheap removals to Holland, watch out for the middleman and price comparison sites. These often rank higher than individual companies, but they also cost more. They charge a commission which is passed on to you through the third party moving company, so that cheap deal might not be as good as you first thought.
  • Contacting a genuine removals company, such as VanOne, is a great way to guarantee that your house removals to Holland are priced fairly. There are no hidden fees or charges when you contact an international removals company directly.

Cut out the middleman for a cheaper move to Holland

If you can spot the real removals companies from the fake brands, you have a far better chance of a cheap deal on house and flat removals to Holland. Here are some tips to help you sort the middleman sites from the genuine companies.

  • Is the business name listed in the Companies House register? An authentic UK based international removals company should always be registered here. If the brand cannot be found, there is a good chance the company does not actually exist.
  • Are the images on the website real, or have they come from a stock photo library – or Google Images? Real removals brands like VanOne always use pictures of their own staff and vehicles, so the website will have a genuine look and feel to it.

A safer way to move from the UK to Holland

It could be significantly more expensive to move from the UK to Holland if you use a middleman service. It could also be less safe. Companies like VanOne are dedicated removals specialists which transport your goods directly from Point A to Point B. There is very little risk to your treasured possessions in this instance.

The middleman services often refer customers to large shipping and haulage companies, where goods are frequently unloaded, stored and reloaded. The chance of loss or damage is high. Avoid the risk and use a trusted international removals team for your move to Holland: call VanOne.

Moving to the UK from Holland

Preparing to move back to the UK? Looking to start a new life in a British town or city? If you are planning a move from the Netherlands into the UK, VanOne can make it happen. We offer affordable removals between the United Kingdom and the European mainland.

Get an online quote now so we can book in your move. Our services are in high demand, so secure your removal van at a great price now.  There is no team better at removals from Holland to the UK. Put your trust in the experts and make sure your move runs smoothly.

Easy, Safe & Cheap:

Why choose us? Firstly, because we believe you are special, and secondly, because we have three core values and stick to them firmly. What these values mean for you are: an easy and carefree move, a safe and secure move, and a cheap move. Easy, safe and cheap. This is the foundation of our company and it’s why we’re sure you’ll soon join the ranks of our thousands of happy customers. Click for a quote now.

Any other questions?

Is there something you are still unsure about? Please visit our FAQ page, where we’re sure you will find the answer. When it comes to removals to Holland, we are the team to call. Our friendly and helpful team can provide you with a free quote so get in touch with us today. We can also answer any questions you may still have – just drop us an email.

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