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Looking for reliable, secure and friendly international movers without having to pay heaven and earth for it? You’ve come to the right place. At VanOne, we’re zealous about our values, because it’s by sticking to them that we’re able to deliver all the things you want from a removal service.

  • For us it’s simply standard to deliver superb service to our customers, to treat their possessions with care.
  • And to offer them the cheapest prices.

So click on the quote form and before you know it you’ll be drinking a pint and watching the football in the comfort of your new home.

Your journey with us:

As soon as you open the door to our driver, you’ll be greeted with a smile. He’ll be experienced and trained in heavy lifting, helping you carry all your possessions safely to the van and securing them neatly inside. As soon as that’s done, UK here we come!

International Movers VanOne

We know we’re carrying your most valued possessions, so for your peace of mind we’ll keep you updated throughout the whole journey, and when we’re two hours away from the destination we’ll give you a courtesy call to confirm our arrival time.

Two hours later you’ll open your front door and be greeted by the same friendly driver, who’ll happily help you bring all your items into your new home. It really couldn’t be easier.

Documents our international movers will need:

Since Brexit, removals to the United Kingdom changed drastically. In order to successfully move to the UK you will need to convince the HMRC that you’re eligible for the Transfer of Residence status. Failing that, there is a risk of being charged with the import VAT at the rate of 20% of the total value of imported goods.

Thanks to the UK’s fully online ToR procedure, acquiring all paperwork required for moves to the United Kingdom should be rather easy.

Before we can collect your goods you need to provide:

We will also need a CMR form, which is a sort of additional inventory form that’s required for all cross-border transits. Our driver will hand this document to you on the day of your move and you don’t need to prepare it in advance.

We kindly request all our customers to apply for the ToR by sending all relevant documents to the HMRC at least three weeks before the collection. The approval tends to take between one and two weeks, depending on how busy they are. This will help you be prepared in advance.

How to prepare:

The British Army has an old saying: proper planning prevents poor performance. This applies to international moving too. To keep your possessions as secure and as safe as possible during transit, we recommend you pack loose items in suitcases or boxes. Place padding on furniture, or cover it up.

If you need packing materials, feel free to check out our online store where you can order heavy-duty shrink wrap and protective blankets.

How long does the journey back to the UK take?

Not long at all. Once our drivers have packed up the van with your belongings, they head straight for your new home. Trip times vary between 12 hours to 72 hours depending on where in Europe you’re moving from. Rest assured though, nobody does it quicker than us, so you’ll be sitting on your favourite sofa with a cup of tea in hand in no time. (For a better idea of times, go to the menu bar and click on the country you’re moving from).

  • Please note that moves back to Scotland or Wales can take longer.
  • Orders smaller than the full loading capacity of the removal vehicle (<15 cubic meters) can take up to 5 days to deliver. For details please click here.

How to get cheap removals to Europe from the UK:

Moving to Europe from the UK is a very popular choice for many people. If you are moving from the UK to Europe, you will need a international removals specialist. Often, people turn to Google in order to find the cheapest removals from the UK. However, you need to know a couple of things to make sure you really do get a great deal.

  • The top ranking sites on Google for ‘cheap removals from the UK to Europe’ are often price comparison sites and middleman companies. These may appear to offer great deals. However, they charge a fee to the third party removals service which your removals job is passed on to, so the price charged to you also increases.
  • The cheapest removals deals are actually found when you contact an international removals specialist like VanOne directly. With no middleman, we can keep our rates extremely low.

Cut out the middleman when you move from the UK to Europe

Middleman services often create fake brands which are used to generate leads for removals. These leads are sold to third party removals companies. You can learn to spot a genuine international movers company from a fake one with these simple tips. Get affordable house and flat removals from the UK to Europe with authentic companies like VanOne.

  • Check the Companies House database before you book your move to Europe. UK based removals companies have to be registered here. If a brand is genuine, the search tool will quickly bring up the company name, and its corporate history.
  • Look at the pictures displayed on the removals company’s website. A genuine company will almost always use pictures of its own staff and vehicles, so you can see exactly who you are dealing with. Take a look at VanOne’s site, as an example of genuine international movers.

A safer way to move to Europe from the UK

Put your house removals from the UK in the hands of a team you can trust. Using a middleman service can cost more – and it can also put your possessions at risk. Middleman companies often employ commercial shipping and haulage contractors to take your goods to Europe. Your things might visit several locations before arriving at your new home. All that moving around increases the risk of something being lost or damaged.

VanOne is a dedicated international movers company. We take your possessions directly from your UK property to your new European home. We can travel to a huge number of different nations, and deliver your belongings to almost any location.

Easy, Safe & Cheap:

We provide a simple and efficient removal service to our customers, but we don’t stop there. To make sure your house move goes without a hiccup, we abide by three core values. What they mean to you is that your move will be easy because of our fantastic service. It will also be safe, because we will take care with your belongings. In addition it will be cheap, because we believe in charging the lowest possible prices. What more could you want from International Movers? Click for a quote.

Any other questions about our international movers?

Something you’re still not sure about? Please visit our International Movers FAQ page. Here you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for.

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