VanOne is a trademark of VOGB Ltd, registered and used in the United Kingdom

John Singleton

European Operations Manager

John Singleton joined the team in 2011. He is the master conductor at VanOne, responsible for managing and coordinating the entire fleet of vehicles. Every day he ensures the right vehicles get to the right addresses at the right time. That’s a simple way of explaining what he does. The more detailed explanation is, he manages over sixty moves per day, each with different vehicles, equipment, teams, and customer requirements, with pick up points and destinations spread across twenty-nine countries. And he does all this with rarely a hitch. Take a bow John Singleton, you deserve it.

Prior to joining VanOne, John was a delivery driver for IKEA, so he’s got a ton of experience driving heavy vehicles and carrying heavy furniture around. But he’s not all brawn; he’s got the brains too. He’s studied Business, Management and Accounting. John has taken his business savvy, management expertise and skills with numbers, and merged them with his frontline experience to create an operation that is cost-effective and efficient.

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