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Social Life in Bulgaria

Social Life in Bulgaria Language If you really want to dive into the social life in Bulgaria you would do well to familiarise yourself with the national language, which is Bulgarian. They use the Cyrillic alphabet (practically the same as in Russia or Macedonia). Although English and French are widely spoken in towns and tourist areas, this may not be the case in country districts. The great thing is that...

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Driving in Bulgaria

Driving in Bulgaria Public transport in Bulgaria There are several alternative options to driving in Bulgaria available: domestic flights, trains, buses and trams – and fares are very reasonable. In Sofia, there is an excellent underground system. For trains there are discount cards for students, families, and the elderly. And children under the age of seven travel free unless they occupy a seat. For the website for Bulgarian...

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Living in Bulgaria

Living in Bulgaria Surprisingly low property prices and equally low wages are two prominent pros and cons when you consider living in Bulgaria. Let’s go trough both of those subjects. Buying a house In the early 21st century, property was cheap in Bulgaria and seen as a good investment. However, as the economy slumped, so did house prices, and it is at present difficult to sell houses. So, now you can buy a fine house, quite...

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Social and Health Care in Bulgaria

Social and Health Care in Bulgaria Pensions If you are a pensioner, you need to inform the IPC (International Pension Centre) to prevent problems with your pension payments (tel. 0191 218 7777). Bulgaria has double taxation agreements with the UK so you will not be taxed twice – provided you ensure that the tax offices are aware of your circumstances. You can arrange to have your pension paid...

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Relocating to Bulgaria from the UK

Relocating to Bulgaria from the UK An ancient country, with old traditions and customs, thrust into the communist regime and now finding its way slowly in the capitalist market. With a beautiful country, a fascinating history and a generous people, they are still finding the idea of value for...

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Moving to Bulgaria

Moving to Bulgaria from the UK Bulgaria is a small and versatile country, located in Southeast Europe, which is surrounded by Greece, Turkey, Romania, Serbia, North Macedonia and the Black Sea. A land rich in history, culture and biodiversity, it is a member state of the European Union, NATO and the Council of Europe. This is the country you’ll find yourself in after...

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