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registering essentials when relocating to Bulgaria

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Relocating to Bulgaria from the UK

An ancient country, with old traditions and customs, thrust into the communist regime and now finding its way slowly in the capitalist market. With a beautiful country, a fascinating history and a generous people, they are still finding the idea of value for money a difficult concept to grasp. Bulgaria – in the heart of the Balkans, joined the EU in 2007, but is not yet a member of the Schengen area – so they have their own customs checks. The currency is the lev – at the time of writing 10 lev = £4.36. Sofia is the capital city, and the country has low-lying land to the north and rugged mountains in the south. Tourists visit the skiing areas, but even more the Black Sea resorts in the East. Religion plays an important part of life for many Bulgarians – about 85% are Orthodox Christians, and 13% are Muslims.

Emergency phone numbers:

Registering Essentials

As a British citizen relocating to Bulgaria from the UK, you can enter the country and stay for up to three months. Staying longer you will need to apply for a continuous residence certificate from the Migration Directorate, part of the Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior. When you have lived there for five years you may apply for a permanent residence certificate – information from your local police department or from:


You can bring in an unlimited amount of lev and foreign currency in cash. If the amount is over 8,000 lev you need to complete a currency declaration form for the customs officials. Removals to Bulgaria

Relocating to Bulgaria from the UK with Pets

All pets need their own pet passport. They must be microchipped and have had the rabies vaccination within a year and not less than 4 weeks before arrival in Bulgaria. They must also have a full vaccination record. You will find that the standard of animal welfare differs from that in the UK. Stray dogs roam the streets in the villages – and may be shot. Mangy cats haunt the communal rubbish bins. It is not uncommon for dogs with owners to be chained up day and night, without the walks, play and social sharing we take for granted in the UK. The important thing to know for Brits moving to Bulgaria is that if you intend to bring the pet back to the UK you must ensure the rabies vaccinations are kept up to date.

Top Tip on Moving to Bulgaria

Think of Bulgaria as a new country (post-communist) superimposed upon a very old country (it is one of the oldest countries in Europe) and you will have a flavour of Bulgaria.

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Last updated on 19th August 2019

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