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Living in Slovakia

Living in Slovakia Buying a House One of the crucial points of living in Slovakia is buying a property. There are no legal restrictions on buying buildings in Slovakia, but you are restricted if you want to buy agricultural or forest land. Note that houses use the number of rooms, not bedrooms, for sale descriptions. Be sure you understand everything before you sign anything — if necessary use the services of a translator. These are the usual steps...

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Do I Need Visa to Go to Slovakia

Do I Need Visa to Go to Slovakia If you’re asking yourself “do I need visa to go to Slovakia?” the answer may depend on where you’re coming from. If you’re coming from the EU country then most likely you’ll need just your ID. More details about registering essentials are provided below. Registering Essentials You need to apply for registration of residence within three days of entering Slovakia....

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Slovakia Culture

Slovakia Culture Language In Slovakia they speak Slovak, which is the official language, although a significant minority speak Hungarian or Czech. Slovak uses the Latin alphabet. Most people under the age of about 35 will be able to speak at least some English — and may be eager to practise it. In the larger cities and tourist areas, English will be understood by many of the workers. In rural areas, Russian or German may be spoken by the older...

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Driving in Slovakia

Driving in Slovakia Public Transport If you don’t want to be driving in Slovakia, you’ll be glad to know that it offers buses, trains and taxis. In Bratislava and Kosice there are trams, and also trolleybuses in some towns. There are regular trains and buses with neighbouring countries, and taxis are available in every town. Buses — you can buy the tickets from newsagents, ticket dispensers at the bus stop and sometimes from the...

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Medical Care and Pensions in Slovakia

Medical Care and Pensions in Slovakia Medical Care and Social Insurance Although Slovak State healthcare is poor and may not be easy to access everywhere, attempts are being made to improve the service. Meanwhile, expats should get private medical insurance, or even use neighbouring Vienna for healthcare. If you move to Slovakia without a job you...

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Moving to Slovakia

Moving to Slovakia Travel along the river Styx and visit Paradise — and Hell Twelve of Slovakia’s 4 000 caves are open to the public, including the Domica cave where you can take a boat ride along the Styx, the river that leads to Hades in mythology. The caves have sheltered people throughout the ages, from prehistoric times, right through to the World Wars. There is even a treatment called Speleotherapy for allergies especially in children,...

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