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Driving in Croatia

Public Transportation Bus The bus service is one of the many alternatives to driving in Croatia. It’s relatively inexpensive, however, as there are often different bus companies on the same route, note that prices can vary, and you usually have to pay extra for luggage placed...

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Living in Croatia

Registering Essentials Settling in Dubrovnik, Zagreb or any other Croatian city is much less troublesome since the country’s admission to European Union. However, considering that – short of tourism trade – jobs are paying much less than in Britain, cost of living in Croatia in general and prices of...

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Social Life in Croatia

Social Life in Croatia Language In Croatia they speak Croatian (Hrvatski). Although learning this language can be a long and uneasy process, knowing the basics should help in having a social life in Croatia. There are four national standards and four dialects often...

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Social and Health Care in Croatia

Social and Health Care in Croatia Moving to the country you might want to know that you are entitled to receive your UK pension even while abroad. You’ll also do well to gain some basic knowledge about health care in Croatia. Luckily, that’s what this article is...

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Moving to Croatia

Moving to Croatia Are Human Beings the only intelligent species to enjoy the beauty of the Croatian coast? 28 perfectly round shapes have been located beneath the waves off the Croatian coast. The circles are the wrong size for underwater fishing explosions, and refuted by...

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Relocating to Croatia from the UK

Relocating to Croatia from the UK Registering Essentials...

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