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Driving in Hungary

Driving in Hungary Public Transportation in Hungary Public transport in Hungary is both efficient and not too expensive. There are trolley buses and trams as well as buses in some cities and a three line metro in Budapest. Outside of Budapest you will find that buses tend to meet long distance trains, and may not be very...

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Living in Hungary

Living in Hungary Cost of Living in Hungary The cost of living in Hungary may vary. For instance rents in Esztergom for one bedroom flat are £100 per month, while in Budapest you’ll pay nearly £200 for the same kind of apartment. There are no restrictions on buying a house in Hungary. You need to do this by a purchase agreement countersigned by a...

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Health Care in Hungary

Health Care in Hungary Social Insurance and Health Care in Hungary Health care in Hungary covers every citizen and resident. That’s due to tax-funded healthcare system – Országos Egészségbiztosítási Pénztár (OEP). Treatment is free for children, pensioners, students, disabled people and priests,...

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Social Life in Hungary

Language Language One of the unique features of social life in Hungary is experiencing one of the most unique languages in Europe. The language for Hungary is Hungarian, spoken by the vast majority, although...

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Relocating to Hungary from the UK

Relocating to Hungary from the UK Registering Essentials If you are a British citizen you do not require a visa while relocating to Hungary from the UK. A valid British passport must be carried with you at all times. You must register...

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Moving to Hungary

Moving to Hungary If you like it big then come to Hungary The fact that is surely moving to Hungary nationals is that their homeland is one of the top 15 holiday destinations in the world, with a capital city reckoned to be one of the most beautiful on the planet. So what else is on the offer? The Hungary is a proud owner...

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