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Driving in Hungary

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Driving in Hungary

Public Transportation in Hungary

Public transport in Hungary is both efficient and not too expensive. There are trolley buses and trams as well as buses in some cities and a three line metro in Budapest. Outside of Budapest you will find that buses tend to meet long distance trains, and may not be very frequent in the town itself – but the towns are small enough to go by foot.

You need to buy your tickets before entering the vehicle and validate them once aboard, there are immediate fines for failing to do so. In Budapest there is a ride sharing service – Volanbusz – you have to pay a fee. This service, and buses, are a great alternative to trains, as you may otherwise have to make several changes if travelling by train.

For long distances it is worth arriving at the station early to ensure you find the right bus stop at the right time – and here you may buy your ticket directly from the driver. Reading the time table can be confusing – remember that departures are “indulas” and arrivals are “erkeses”. Budapest Transport Website – there is even a virtual tour of the underground system.

Driving Documents

You must register your vehicle with the Hungarian authorities within 2 years of your arrival to Hungary. You will also need to apply for a locally issued driving licence. For this you will need:

You may need to switch certain lights (for example the fog light) to the other side of the car. For further information call Hungary +36 1 452 3622. English speaking operators are available.

Driving in Hungary

Driving in Hungary is much like driving in the UK except that they drive on the right. There is a tendency for aggressive driving, even to the extent of fighting – so drive with caution. Road conditions do vary, but the traffic is usually light on minor roads, and parking is easy, except in Budapest itself. You must drive with headlights on even during the day outside urban areas. There is zero tolerance to alcohol and the penalties for drink driving are very severe.

You will need to buy a vignette to use certain motorways. An electronic vignette has replaced the old paper version. You can buy it online at Toll Tickets. The data required are immediately available for the toll operators and authorities.

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Last updated on 12th August 2019

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