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Danish Culture and Language

Danish Culture and Language Language One of the predominant components of Danish culture is language. Danish is the official language of Denmark, but there are several minority languages, including German and Greenlandic. Around 86% of Danes also speak English as a second language, and often a third language, German or French. About...

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Jobs and Pensions

Jobs and Pensions Finding a Job in Denmark as a Foreigner The European Free Movement of Workers agreement makes finding a job in Denmark as a foreigner much easier. Especially from legal point of view. It means that you can live and work in Denmark without a visa or work...

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Transportation in Denmark

Transportation in Denmark Driving Denmark conforms to European rules and standards. Each year the Danish Road Directorate publishes a leaflet called Motorvej which has maps of the motorways, places to stay, city maps, service stations and important...

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Social Life in Denmark

Social Life in Denmark How is it that the Danes have been ranked the happiest people in the world, every year since 1973? This was when the EU decided to set up a “Eurobarometer” to measure happiness. It seems that there are two important contributors to happiness: trusting people you don’t really know...

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Buying a House in Denmark

Formal Steps As an UK citizen, being EU member, when relocating to Denmark, with a residence permit, there are no general restrictions for buying a house in Denmark. You are able to buy a home there, although there are certain specific restrictions in popular holiday areas for foreign...

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Relocating to Denmark

Relocating to Denmark The Country of Happy Vikings The Danes are ranked the happiest people in the world (Happy Vikings) — and if your family has lived in Britain for a thousand years or more, you may well be related to them. Between the 8th and 11th centuries the...

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Moving to Denmark from the UK

Moving to Denmark from the UK Formalities There are relatively few formalities to consider when moving to Denmark from the UK. If you are an EU citizen, you just have to apply...

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Social Insurance and Medical Care in Denmark

Social Insurance and Medical Care in Denmark Social Insurance When you move to Denmark you have to register with the Civil Registration Office in your region to obtain a health insurance card and your CPR number. The medical care in Denmark is financed through income tax,...

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Moving to Denmark with Pets

Moving to Denmark with Pets Pets are generally allowed and accepted most places in Danish society, with cats and dogs being the most popular house pets. Ferrets have become rather popular in recent years as well, and rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds and fish are...

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