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Social Insurance and Medical Care in Denmark

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Social Insurance and Medical Care in Denmark

Social Insurance

When you move to Denmark you have to register with the Civil Registration Office in your region to obtain a health insurance card and your CPR number. The medical care in Denmark is financed through income tax, and is free. The health insurance card is sent to you by your municipal authority and is proof that you are entitled to public health treatment. The card states your name, address and CPR number, and the name and address of your GP. Keep all your receipts as they might be needed by you when you apply for reimbursement.

Note that works and civil servants posted to Denmark are still covered by the UK national insurance system. Your employer needs to ask HMRC for forms E101 and E106, which prove that tax and NI contributions are paid in the UK.


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If you receive a UK state retirement pension or long-term incapacity benefit, you may be entitled to state-funded healthcare paid for by the UK. You’ll need to apply for form S1 from the International Pension Centre (tel: 0191 218 7777). You need to register your S1 with the Danish authorities, before registering with your new GP and getting a medical card. This entitles you to an EHIC issued by the UK, which allows access to medical care in other EEA countries, including Britain, but not private treatment. Travelling abroad, you will need private travel insurance or a free EU health insurance card, or blue health insurance card, which can be ordered at your municipal authority office.

Medical Care in Denmark

You must take your health insurance card with you when you visit your doctor. There is an emergency doctor service if you are ill on weekdays after 4pm, weekends and bank holidays. Have your EHIC or civil registration number to hand. You will have to contribute towards the cost of seeing the dentist. The state pays part of the cost, which is deducted from your bill. Prescription medicine is paid for by the patient.

When moving to Denmark it is advisable to KEEP YOUR OWN ACCURATE AND DETAILED MEDICAL RECORDS! One good thing for us is that many doctors speak good English and are happy to practise it.

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Last updated on 12th August 2019

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