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Social Life in Denmark

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Social Life in Denmark

How is it that the Danes have been ranked the happiest people in the world, every year since 1973? This was when the EU decided to set up a “Eurobarometer” to measure happiness. It seems that there are two important contributors to happiness: trusting people you don’t really know and a casual attitude towards money. Rather than buy things, the Danes tend to spend on activities they enjoy. You are not judged by the kind of car you drive or the designer label sports gear you parade. This all makes social life in Denmark rather delightful.

If you want to participate in this — you need to speak at least a little Danish — and be willing to use it. Once you have your CPR number you may find free three-year courses provided in your municipality, for the over 18s. It’s worth asking. Tourist information centres have a generous amount of information on the sites to visit, and the local library will have details of the culture — theatre, music, art, exhibitions and more.

The Danes may be liberal, but they also cherish their traditions. You will find many celebrations to enjoy. However, it is up to you to take the initiative and go out and meet people — join a club, invite people to dinner at your home, and you will probably find a pleased (if slightly surprised) response. If you go into a pub and they are playing dice, show as interest, and ask how to play. Pubs and wine bars are popular centres of social life in Denmark. As for night clubs, the Danes like a wide variety — disco to techno — there are plenty to chose from, and plenty of dating sites, too.

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Last updated on 12th August 2019

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