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11 Tips for move to Finland

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11 Tips for move to Finland

Prepare for your travel with 11 Tips for move to Finland

Finland – the country where you can roam the wilderness, ski in an unspoilt land and enjoy water sports on one of it 180,000 lakes. Although Finland is the fifth largest country in Europe, it is also the least populated, with around 5.4 million people.While the winters are long and dark, this is the land of the midnight sun. You can get free digital maps from The National Land Survey of Finland, and road maps from the Finnish Transport Agency. While Finnish is the national language, Swedish is also widely spoken. If you intend to move to Finland, you will have some essential preparation – and these 11 Tips for move to Finland are designed to help you.

Tip 1.

Inform HMRC of you relocation plans. They will send you the necessary forms – and if you fail to let them know there may be harsh penalties. You may be advised to seek professional advice since taxes are complicated. The Finnish tax office website gives details.

Tip 2.

Your removal company. Inform them of your intentions well in advance, as they will also have to prepare. They can help you with the packing, customs formalities as well as the actual move. You will need to think carefully about which items to take with you, and which items to sell, give away or even throw away.

Tip 3.


  1. Insurance to cover the move – check with your removal company.
  2. Kela is the Social Insurance Institution of Finland. You will need to ascertain from them what your entitlements are, since they depend upon your family and work circumstances, as well as your length of stay in Finland.
  3. Health insurance. Your EHIC (European Health Insurance card) will cover a temporary visit. If you live permanently in Finland you will probably be covered by their NHI scheme, administered by Kela. It is essential to register yourself and family for residence when you move.


Tip 4.

Register with the Population Information System as soon as possible, and certainly before three months. You are required to do this whenever you move in Finland. They will need your personal documents. It is also advisable to carry your ID (British passport) with you where ever you go.

Tip 5.

Work. British nationals can work in Finland without a work permit – but you must register for residence. You may need recognition of a non-Finnish degree by the National Board of Education – and they charge a fee.

moving to Finland

Tip 6.

Driving. An excellent booklet can be found at This gives you all the information you will need for safe driving after your move to Finland. Notes about winter driving are included.

In brief you will need to register your car within a year, seatbelts and dipped headlights in the daytime are compulsory. Alcohol levels above 0.5mg/l can lead to fines or even imprisonment. You need to carry your licence, vehicle registration and insurance documents with you, plus any vehicle testing (like MOT), and your ID.

The emergency number is 112.

Finland has miles and miles of roads in good condition and light traffic loads, and the rules are designed with safety in mind – and increasingly the protection of the environment. You will likely have happy driving in Finland!

Tip 7

Currency. The currency in Finland is the euro. You may find it easier to keep some money in a UK bank for UK expenses, while your bank for everyday living expenses will be in Finland.

Tip 8

Pets (cats, dogs and ferrets). They all need a pet passport. See your vet in good time as your pet will need to be micro chipped, then vaccinated against rabies between I year and 21 days before your move. They also need a vet to ensure they have been dewormed 1-5 days before the journey.

Our 11 t tips for move to Finland is regularly updated but rules do change, so ask your vet – and for more exotic pets they will be able to advise you. For more information read Moving to Finland with Pets.

Tip 9

If you plan to live in Helsinki you might like to convert to Veganism. This is not because there is no delicious meet meals available in Finland. Completely opposite!  In Helsinki you find many good traditional as well as vegetarian restaurants. Just take a look at the photos published on the Visit Helsinki blog of vegan places in Helsinki.

Tip 10

Administration. The second most important tip from all 11 tips for move to Finland. (After informing HMRC). Make a plan. What must you do – and when do you need to do it? It all looks less daunting when it is written down and dated.

You will be talking and communicating with many people – so keep a notebook and write down who you speak to, when and what about. It can make a difference as to how you are treated if you know the name of that “helpful” person you spoke to the previous time! Similarly, make a file just for your move on your computer and in your e-mail folders.

Tip 11

Having implemented your plan, allowed funds for the unexpected, informed your friends – sit back and take a few moments to relax and look forward to your move to a beautiful country with so much to offer you. With our 11 tips for move to Finland your move to Finland will probably be easier than you expect.

Published By VanOne
Last updated on 12th August 2019

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