Moving to Malta from UK

Registering Essentials

When you’re moving to Malta from UK you may apply for residency in person or by post. There is no charge, but you need to collect the permit in person. The address is:

Department of Home Affairs
Evans Building
St Elmo’s Place
Tel:  25904800 or 25904801

You will need:

  • Economic Self Sufficiency CEA Form J
  • Study CEA Form M
  • Employment/Self Employment CEA Form A
  • Family Members CEA Form F

You can find these forms on their website:

When applying by post, the photograph and photocopy of the passport must be authenticated by one of the following:

  • Public officer not below the grade of Principal or analogous grade
  • Police officer
  • Professional person
  • Minister for Religion or any other person of similar standing


Although Britain is not a member of the Schengen area, and therefore customs formalities apply, because we are members of the EU, there is little of consequence to concern the average Briton relocating to Malta.

There are no restrictions on the amount of currency you may bring in; medication must be for personal use only. Alcohol and tobacco are not restricted, although large amounts may be questioned. Coats, fur and leather shoes made of protected animals will need special authorization. Firearms, explosives and ammunition are prohibited. Full details at the customs website:

Moving to Malta from UK

Moving to Malta from UK with Pets

Pets require their own pet passport, microchips, rabies vaccinations within 1 year, but not closer than 21 days from departure, and up-to-date routine vaccinations. A Tapeworm Test is required for dogs between one and five days of entering Malta. If you intend to bring the pet back to the UK you must ensure the rabies vaccinations are kept up to date.

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