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Driving in Croatia

Bus The bus service is one of the many alternatives to driving in Croatia. It’s relatively inexpensive, however, as there are often different bus companies on the same route, note that prices can vary, and you usually have to pay extra for luggage placed under the bus. If you plan a return, you may find it best to buy a single ticket so that you are not obliged to use the same company and their schedule for the return. For longer journeys book ahead to ensure you get a seat,...

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Living in Croatia

Settling in Dubrovnik, Zagreb or any other Croatian city is much less troublesome since the country’s admission to European Union. However, considering that – short of tourism trade – jobs are paying much less than in Britain, cost of living in Croatia in general and prices of properties in particular can be surprisingly high. Buying a house in Croatia Buying a home in Croatia is difficult. There are many restrictions on foreign ownership. Note: during the recent war one third of the population fled – so there is a significant...

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Social Life in Croatia

Language In Croatia they speak Croatian (Hrvatski). Although learning this language can be a long and uneasy process, knowing the basics should help in having a social life in Croatia. There are four national standards and four dialects often erroneously termed “Serbo-Croatian” by the British, although some native speakers prefer the term as “Bosnian-Croatian-Montenegrin-Serbian”, which encompasses the national standards. The alphabet is Latin. While English is widely spoken in the coastal resorts, that may not be the case inland. German and Italian are also commonly spoken, along the...

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Social and Health Care in Croatia

Moving to the country you might want to know that you are entitled to receive your UK pension even while abroad. You’ll also do well to gain some basic knowledge about health care in Croatia. Luckily, that’s what this article is for. UK Pensions in Croatia You will need to check the Pension Service in the UK for up to date information on how you can claim your state pension. You need to inform the IPC (International Pension Centre) to prevent problems with your pension payments....

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Moving to Croatia

             Have you been looking for a pleasant place to live or retire? Maybe you received a business or work opportunity that you just can’t turn down, or perhaps you are looking for a fresh perspective with the potential to give your life a new direction and impulse? In truth, the reason doesn’t really matter: whether your interest is inspired by romance, work opportunities, or a desire for change, exploring new horizons is always exciting.               We are glad you have chosen us to help you become acquainted with the advantages...

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Relocating to Croatia from the UK

Are Human Beings the only intelligent species to enjoy the beauty of the Croatian coast? 28 perfectly round shapes have been located beneath the waves off the Croatian coast. The circles are the wrong size for underwater fishing explosions, and refuted by scientists searching for oil. Each circle is 50m diameter and 300m apart. No explanation has as yet been found for them – except the possibility of flying saucers deep beneath the seas. Croatia has been an independent country since 1991, before that Croatia was...

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