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Living in Luxembourg

Starting off living in Luxembourg usually consists off buying a house and finding a job. Luckily fine and thorough state institutions make both of this things exceptionally easy. Buying a House After a short-lived drop in 2012, Luxembourg’s property market is surging again, amidst a recovering economy. During 2013, the average selling price of houses soared by 10.32%. There are no restrictions on buying property in Luxembourg, if you can afford it. Many people who work in Luxembourg choose to buy their house (as well as ordinary shopping) in neighbouring...

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Social Life in Luxembourg

Language in Luxembourg Luxembourgish, the national language, is similar to German. German is the first foreign language for most Luxembourgers and the media use German. French is the administrative language, and English is widely spoken and often the basic language of social life in Luxembourg. Being a multicultural country, the children spend half their time learning languages. In primary school they first learn to read and write in German, in the second year French is added and becomes the dominant language in secondary education, and then Luxembourgish. So...

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Social Insurance and Pensions in Luxembourg

Medical Care and Social Insurance Luxembourg enjoys an excellent healthcare system with a high standard of state-funded healthcare. You may also choose private healthcare. The Caisse de Maladie collects healthcare contributions, and all employed people pay into this. If you are not working you must prove that you have health insurance to obtain a residence permit. Those contributions also cover the pensions in Luxembourg. When you see the healthcare professional you pay a fee, which is reimbursed, between 80 and 100%, usually, and for medicines, around 78%. Dentists...

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Driving in Luxembourg

Public Transportation Luxembourg has a good public transport system, easy to use and accessible — the buses in the city are in multicoloured stripes, and the buses make an excellent alternative to driving in Luxembourg. The traffic is very heavy and many lane changes in the capital. You can reach almost anywhere in the country within an hour using trains and buses. Most buses pass the railway station. Trains generally run on time, they are modern and comfortable and fares are relatively cheap. The railway station is not an...

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Relocating to Luxembourg

Luxembourg Underground 963, the year Count Siegfried built a fortified castle on the Bock promontory. This became the heart of the city of Luxembourg. Mighty walls were added, and Burgundians, Spanish, French and Austrians all added to the core making this one of the strongest fortifications in the world. It included 23km of casements, which could shelter thousands of soldiers and their horses. There were workshops here, kitchens, infirmaries and slaughter houses. In the 19th century 90% of the fortifications were demolished, but to blow up the casements meant blowing...

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Moving to Luxembourg from UK

Registering Essentials You must make a declaration of arrival at the Municipal Office in your locality within eight days of moving to Luxembourg from UK. You will need: Identity card or passport Certificate of marriage or partnership, or a family record book Birth certificates for the children You may request a residence certificate if you wish, although this is not compulsory. You also need to apply for an address registration certificate before your first 90 days after moving to Luxembourg from UK. Fill in a registration form at the offices of the same communal authorities....

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