10 Cubic Metres in a van

What is 10 cubic metres?

In order to facilitate the process of assessing your household for European Removal we’ve created 1 minute long video illustrating the process of loading 80 standard size removal boxes. Each box you will see on this video is:

  • 50 centimetres deep
  • 50 centimetres tall
  • 50 centimetres wide

10 cubic meters is made of 80 large removal boxes

If you need to convert cubic metres into imperial measurements we listed few practical examples for you below:

  • 353 cubic feet = 10 cubic metres
  • 39.37 inches = 1 metre
  • 19.68 inches = 50cm

It is possible to book 10 cubic metres of space in one of our vans for your removal on this website.

Ten Cubic Metres

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