5 Cubic Metres Visualisation for van removals

How much space 5 cubic metres is ?

Checking the price for your removal on this website is easy but establishing how much space you need in the van for your items may be a bit more complicated. This is why we’ve created a video illustrating how much space 5 cubic metres is.

Each box you can see when watching this video is of cubic shape

  • 50 centimetres deep,
  • 50 centimetres tall
  • 50 centimetres wide

There are 40 boxes of this size needed to make up 5 cubic metres.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to convert 5 cubic metres into feetĀ as we converted few examples for you:

  • 176 cubic feet = 5 cubic metres
  • 39.37 inches = 1 metre
  • 19.68 inches = 50cm

You can order 5 cubic metres option for your European Removal on this website.

Five Cubic Metres

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