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social life in Belgium

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Moved from UK to Belgium? Read about social Life in Belgium

Belgium, renowned internationally for its beer, mussels and, or course, Jean-Claude Van Damme, is located at Western Europe’s crossroads, surrounded by Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France. Full of amazing hidden treasures, Belgium is home to stunning architectural wonders and lively and charming cities where you can fully experience and enjoy Europe at its best. If you’re an expat who just moved from UK to live in Belgium, you will find great entertainments here.

Social life in Belgium is fun, exciting and really enjoyable. From its exquisite beers to exotic music, Belgium has much to offer to make your life even more enjoyable, with plenty to keep you entertained. There are a many exciting things to do in Belgium and once you experienced some of the activities in the country, you can surely say that social life in Belgium is truly amazing! The Belgium people are generally friendly and helpful, and the local library will have a wealth of information.

Enjoy Great Beers at Cantillion

Belgium is really famous for its brew, so if beer is your tipple, don’t forget to visit Cantillion and experience their delicious beers, you will love them. There, you can discover everything about how such a great Belgian beer is made and why it is unique.

Enjoy Hiking, Biking and Canoeing in the Beautiful Ardennes

If you are up to adventures and you are searching for outdoor activities in Belgium, Ardennes is a perfect place for biking and hiking. Once you visit the place, whether you’re alone or with your friends, you will enjoy its many, well signed trails. Ardennes is a region of mixed forests where, you can see the bountiful wildlife of the whole region. You can also visit attractive small villages and natural caves, some of which are quite deep. There are also animal parks which are ideal for the children.

The beautiful River Ourthe offers fishing and a variety of water activities. While canoes are the most popular we have seen car tires, arm chairs and other strange crafts floating by.

Have an Enjoyable Visit in the City of Bruges

Bruges may be a typical European market town, but it offers great entertainment. The place is truly beautiful and is ideal for short saunters or long walks. The city offers great architectural wonders from the medieval times and it also offers a fascinating historical background that will take you back through the centuries. If you want to discover the real beauty of the city, just take a boat on its numerous waterways and take time to discover the hidden treasures of the city.

Enjoy Your Nightlife in Bars

If you are looking for a great nightlife entertainment in the country, there are a wide variety of bars and pubs in Belgium, as well as night clubs. In contrast to some other countries in Europe, night clubs, cafes and pubs in Belgium stay open even during the wee hours. You will find good food in many restaurants, although eating out isn’t cheap. Concerts, theatres and cinema are all readily available.

Many of the young people are interested in staying healthy, and the sports facilities are generally good. You will see people jogging round the streets and parks in the cities. During the Summer, some weekends the police close off the local village roads to cars, and everyone cycles or walks where usually the cars and lorries hold sway. Then, everyone congregates for waffles and beer, often to the sound of the local musicians.

Whether you enjoy the beauties of the nature, arts, fashion, or you just love to explore, Belgium is an amazing place to visit or to live in. Who said that the country of Belgium was boring? Whether you are an expat or just a visitor or tourist, there are a lot of things to do and enjoy in Belgium. Social life in Belgium is indeed both enjoyable and exciting!

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Last updated on 12th August 2019

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