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healthcare in Czech Republic

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Health Care in Czech Republic


The Czech pension system has three parts – a mandatory basic level, a complimentary part you pay towards through the state. And the third part, which is the voluntary insurance aspect. However, there have been changes and it would be rather advisable for you to check with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

For life certificates from the UK Pension Service reply as quickly as possible otherwise your benefit may be stopped. Call the IPC on 0191 218 7777 . If you receive a UK state retirement pension or long-term incapacity benefit, you may be entitled to state-funded healthcare paid for by the UK. You’ll need to apply for form S1 from the International Pension Centre. Telephone 0191 218 7777. You need to register your S1 with the Czech authorities – this entitles you to an EHIC issued by the UK. This in turn allows access to medical care in other EEA countries – including Britain.

Health Care in Czech Republic

You need to get a S1 form to prove that you have a full National Health Insurance in the UK. Otherwise you will need to arrange private health insurance when you arrive. Contact the Overseas Healthcare Team at:

Tyneview Park,
Whitley Bay Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne NE98 1BA
(Tel: 0191 218 1999) 


When it comes to quality of medical care, Czechs really have something to brag about. The level of health care in Czech Republic is excellent. You must, however, have insurance to pay for it, either public health insurance or private. Your employer will pay part of this. You will need to show your insurance card every time you visit the doctor. The GOV.UK

site is a good source of information, which also tells you about your pension rights if you are retiring there. That part has been descriped in-detail in the first section of this article.

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Last updated on 12th August 2019

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