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Driving in Estonia

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Driving in Estonia

Public transportation

Tallinn International Airport is two miles south east of the city centre; the only domestic flights go to the two islands of Saaremaa and Hilumaa. There are no longer trains between Estonia and Latvia and travelling by train in Estonia tends to be fairly slow. There are regular long distance bus services, including from Berlin and London. Arriving by sea is a popular option, with ferries of various types including catamarans and hydrofoils. There is an extensive rail service within Estonia, although it may not always be very efficient. The buses service is extensive, and you can usually buy your tickets at the time of travel. In Tallinn there are trams with reasonable fares; you buy your ticket in advance or from the driver, and validate your ticket from machines once on board. There are plenty of taxis – but the taxi drivers have a reputation for overcharging. It is best to order one in advance from a reputable firm.

Free rides for residents

Tallinn introduced free rides for residents in January 2013. The idea was to cut pollution and open up the city for the poorer residents, which would allow them to take jobs otherwise out of reach. It does make access easier, especially in winter road conditions.

Driving in Estonia

If you’re used to the standards on British roads, you’ll find that driving in Estonia is challenging, as the standard of driving can be lethal. Drive defensively, expect the unexpected. One challenge we do not meet in the UK are the large number of moose on the highways – they can be hard to see at night. There is zero tolerance for alcohol. You will need winter tyres for Dec 1-March 1, but dates can change according to the weather.

Carry with you

Also recommended

Radar detectors are illegal.

Safely reflectors are compulsory for cyclists and pedestrians after dark.

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Last updated on 12th August 2019

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