Social Life in Finland

Finns are generally relaxed about dress and manners — but they do not appreciate unpunctuality. If you are running late, let your host or business associates know — but try to be prompt. Finns also have little time for “small talk” and, in fact the language has no word for “please”. And you need not worry about the occasional silences, those are one of several finnish trademarks that make social life in Finland both peculiar and original. Many Finns are highly competitive and excel at sports. With so much water, water sports have to be popular, and many Finns own their own boats. The sauna is part of most homes, social and relaxing, but usually not with mixed sexes, unless close friends or family. And yes, the habit of leaping into ice-cold water or rolling around in the snow is certainly a part of the experience. Winter is a time to enjoy. With triple glazing and central heating you should not get cold, but be aware of the possibility of frost bite if you go out in winter without proper clothing.

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Although Finns are known to be taciturn, they love to party. Drinking milk or sour milk with meals is normal, even for adults (although some do prefer beer or wine). And nearly everyone is crazy about coffee. They are also helpful, and honesty is highly regarded. Helsinki has many bars and clubs, all within walking distance. Take your ID with you as proof of age is insisted on, and in some places it can be as high as 24 years for entry.
The Finns started one unusual celebration in 2010. October 13 is International Failure Day — learn from your mistakes. It has spread to over 17 countries so far, and there is quite plenty on Facebook about it.

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