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Before you relocate to France – houses for Sale in France

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Before you relocate to France – houses for Sale in France

If you are moving to France and thinking of buying a home, you are in luck since buying houses in this country is fairly straightforward. The registration system is clear, and anyone, even expats, should find it easy to understand. Even so, there are certain things you need to know, pitfalls to avoid and rules to follow. This article helps you to get basic information about houses for sale in France.


Your Dream

What do you want? Why are you moving to France? What will be important to you. Talk to the family,  make sure you have a clear idea to aim for. If possible, visit the area of your choice (in the worst season!) check out the amenities, ask around – would you really be happy moving to France to live here.


You need to take a good hard look at your financial assets and determine the price range you can afford. Allow for unforeseen expenses – and remember the exchange rate can influence the cost. You can ‘fix’ an exchange rate today for a purchase later. “Smart Currency Exchange” is a UK’s currency exchange specialist that focuses on helping overseas relocation.

Legal information

Estate Agent

They work for the seller, but can be a mine of information.

The Notaire

All property transactions must be overseen by a notaire, by law. They:

However, just as removal companies cannot manage every aspect of an expat’s travel plans, so too with the notaire. While he/she can help check property prices, they won’t be able to verify  everything in the contract, so you need to go over this yourself.


Using a solicitor may not be necessary for some buyers, but for a relatively small fee, employing one can bring reassurance and save hassle in years to come, when your property is passed on or sold.

The majority of transactions here are done in French, so if you are not familiar with the language, get assistance. Do not attempt to enter any financial transaction if your knowledge of French is limited as this could result in misunderstandings which always spell trouble. You really do need to read the small print – and understand it.

Unless you are absolutely sure of what is going on, get advice prior to signing the contract.

You should be given a breakdown of costs and fees. At present the fees are around £1500.


Mortgages in France are quite low, and you can even take advantage of tax perks if you move. You need to have a conditional clause inserted in the contract. In addition, you need to make certain there are provisions for planning, among others.

Too many naive people enter into purchase agreements blindly, signing contracts they do not understand, not bothering to pay for legal protection or getting drawn into finance agreements that are too good to be true. But if you plan your move with a little forethought, your move to France  can be straightforward, and France is a beautiful country with much to offer you.

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Good Luck!

Published By VanOne
Last updated on 12th August 2019

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