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10 tips on moving to Germany

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10 tips for cheap removal to Germany

Saving money

When you move to Germany will no doubt be an important consideration – no one likes to spend more than they need to. However- moving on the cheap can prove to be more expensive in the long term unless you plan carefully – or are just extremely lucky!

Planning your move with care could not only save you money – but also time and hassle as well.

Tip 1

You will probably communicate with many different people: phone, e-mail, post etc. Keep a record – the date, time, who you spoke to and what the follow up is to be. Open a file on our computer and one for e-mails and a notebook rather than loose bits of paper may save you time.

Tip 2

Throw out everything you do not use or need – or really, really want. Why bother to transport junk? Since relocation transport costs are directly related to volume, your biggest saving may simple be to sort out your belongings into – useful – and “junk”

Tip 3

Decide on your removal company early on. They will be able to provide you with the best packing materials and advice. If you decide to do it all yourself – then you will have to hire a truck, list all your belongings for customs, check the parking facilities at both ends of the journey as well as do all the heavy work. However, by doing the actual packing yourself, but using a removal company for the actual transporting, you will probably find you can make good savings here. And do ensure that the correct insurance is in place!


Household Contents Insurance – yours MAY cover your move?

Supplementary Transport Insurance – your removal company may have this covered – but do check that it is adequate.

Tip 4

Your removal company may be able to help you save money by offering to transport your load at the same time as someone else’s as a part load – and this will save you money when you move to Germany. This will obviously depend upon how much you have to move, and where and when you are moving. Some flexibility with the dates may be helpful.

Tip 5

Currency and conversion.

You can really lose out if the currency market is against you when you change your money!

There are international banks where they take care of this for you, or you can simply keep you UK bank to pay any UK bills and take out a bank account for your new German use.

And if you use a credit card, make sure there are no “hidden” costs when you use it abroad – it’s easy to stack up quite a bill in this way. will give you a list – at present Saga and Halifax are among the best.

Tip 6

You MUST notify HMRC. You could be in for a nasty surprise if you do not inform the tax authorities about your move. If you have savings – it will probably be best to get professional advice about your move.

Tip 7

This web address has saved me a lot of money when phoning companies – especially from abroad. It gives you the local dialling number instead of 0870 numbers:

Tip 8

Health and Social Security Insurance cannot be avoided – and medical treatment is very expensive. There may be benefits you are eligible for – for your children, for your retirement. You will need to look into this carefully. Your employer will be sharing the cost, so speak to them and be sure you understand what you need to do, what you need to pay and the benefits you will be entitled to.

Tip 9

Language. If you speak German this will be a huge advantage. If you have friends in Germany, they may be able to help you with all the small details of life in a foreign country and the savings you can make. They will tell you what you should stock up in in UK (subject to transport costs) and what is best bought in Germany. You will probably need a good dictionary at the least.

Germany is a well ordered country – don’t bang your head against the rules and regulations – it will only annoy you, and you may end up paying fines.

Tip 10

Ensure your pets are properly prepared – passports, rabies vaccine and all other requirements are met. Remember to plan your own exit in good time to save as much as possible on the fares. Last minute deals can prove expensive.

Then, having ensured everything is in place – just enjoy the move to Germany, knowing that you have done all you reasonably can to save money on the move. And check here to see how much exactly removals to Germany will cost.

Published By VanOne
Last updated on 12th August 2019

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