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british apprenticeships in Germany

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How to get job in Germany – British apprentices in Germany

Germany is providing young Brits with a mouth-watering package to serve apprenticeships in the country. Germany is faced with a shortage of skilled workers, in a bid to tackle the drought of skilled workers for the future, the German government is enticing young Brits and Europeans to the country. Germany reportedly has 33,000 unfilled apprenticeships.

The package is said to cost about £120 million and it is targeted at Britons aged 18-35. The package is an all-expenses-paid, three-year apprenticeships with German firms. The Germans view the recruitment initiative as a benevolent offer of work to the Brits who are felt to be lacking opportunities in their country, this has assuredly led to fears the initiative will pick the cream of the crop of talented and intellectual young Britons.

To be eligible the Brits ought to be educated to A-Level stage, the German initiative which is also referred to as the work-and-study package will provide the Brits with nearly £700 a month in wages after tax in addition with 170 hours of free language lessons. The enticing package also offers Brits two expense-paid visits annually back home, plus relocation costs and training at Germany’s prestigious vocational schools.

The work-and-study initiative is being run in the UK by the International Business Academy (IBC), prospective students who are interested in the scheme can contact the academy for application enquiries ( Upon acceptance unto the scheme, the student is able to choose from over 300 different occupations in Germany.

All study fees and remuneration for your work are paid for by the firm you are working with, it is possible for successful students participating in this scheme to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree and proceed to a Master’s degree.

German authorities have stated that they hope a large number of the Brits who have enrolled unto the work and study scheme will become permanent residents in Germany and perhaps will meet a German partner and stay for good. As a result, the onus is on British employers who will have to try harder to get the best young Brit apprentices as it has become a tough competition.

Generally apprentices in Britain who are below the age of 19 are paid a minimum of around £345 a month, although some employers may pay higher than this. Whereas for those over 21 the pay increases to a minimum of £785 a month.

Germany’s vocational system and apprenticeship has been run for decades and is deeply rooted in the society. Many youngsters don’t place much emphasis on a university degree, youngsters lacking qualifications or who prefer not to attend university usually follow the apprenticeship route, in which they work part-time for a company that pays them and teaches them relevant skills.

Many commentators have criticised the initiative, stating that the dual system of earn-as-you-learn, driven by countries like: Germany, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland, may proffer youngsters the relevant skills and employment however these skills may become obsolete in older age coupled with technological advances. Also knowledge is also limited to the operations of the firm that trains them.

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Last updated on 12th August 2019

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