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Finding job in Germany despite high unemployment rate

The rate of joblessness in Germany is immensely high, the lingering unemployment rate has been on the increase for a prolonged length of time. According to statistics new figures show rates grow to a total of 2.806 million. The amount of unemployed people rose to about 5,000 in a single month. So, finding job in Germany seems to be rather difficult task.

This recent increase do not show any improvement, it neither shows any major change in the German labour market. One of the largest employers in Germany: Siemens an engineering company, recently reported that it would be dismissing and getting rid of about 15,000 jobs in total by September 2014. This will have ramifications on unemployment figures, with many job cuts on the rise, it is not helping the unemployment situation.

However it is not all doom and gloom in Germany, in Ingolstadt a region in Germany with an estimated population of 128,000 and Eichstatt, a nearby town show an impressive decline in unemployment, with rates as low 1.3 percent. Companies like Volkswagen’s Audi unit based in Ingolstadt have employed vast numbers of unemployed people helping to reduce employment in the area. Audi, who employed over 35,000 residents of Ingolstadt recently reported a 13 percent in unit sales, the car manufacturing company seems to be the breath of fresh air the region needs to mop up woeful tales of unemployment. Beside Audi, there are over 100 luxury outlet boutiques and designer shops in the region which employs staff at various levels, the shopping experience in the region is second to none, with shoppers spoilt for choice.

In opulent areas like Munich, unemployment seems to be receding, car manufacturers like BMW have various department and levels people can work in. Similarly, a newly introduced scheme particularly targeted at the youths involve both work and study. The apprenticeship scheme depending on the type can be up to three years long, companies like Mercedes-Benz situated in Stuttgart, of which Daimler is the parent company employs over 2,000 apprentices annually.

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Also, in a bid to salvage the lack of skilled workforce, the German government is hoping to attract young A-Level qualified Brits to work and learn in Germany, the package includes free language lessons and a salary of about 818 Euros a month after tax (around £700). The young Brits can commence their apprenticeship in places like Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Munich to name a few, which definitely can help them in finding job in Germany despite high unemployment rate.

In areas like West Berlin, A bike warehouse Stadler, is also keen on apprenticeship,. The company employs on average 24 apprentices who earn as they study, which involves course like engineering.

The apprenticeship scheme has been praised for alleviating youth employment in Germany, with over 65 percent of youths embarking on careers with vocational training. The future can be said to be bright for the apprentices as they poised for long-term careers with the companies. Many of the apprentices usually stay and continue working with the company even after the apprenticeship scheme has ended. The scheme is hailed for contributing to the German economy.


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Last updated on 12th August 2019

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