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learning German in Germany

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Learning German in Germany

The best way to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in the society and build rapport with the indigenes or locals of that country. The official language in Germany is German. Therefore Germany is a very suitable location to learn the language and learning German in Germany seems to be the best choice.

Generally, most people have a good understanding of the English language in Germany especially in large cities like Munich were many people have migrated to. However, in order for you to be fluent in the German language, a starting step is to communicate and interact with the locals in German, by doing this you will keep developing and learning, thus strengthening your understanding of the new language.

If you  are moving or relocating to Germany, and you wish to learn the German language, the first step might involve researching the different schools in Germany where you can learn the German language this include: Humboldt-institut, situated in Ratzenried, Baden-Wurttemberg; Goethe Institut with course locations in different regions i.e: Berlin, Bonn, Bremen, Hamburg, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Mannheim-Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Gottingen, Schwabisch Hall and Munich.

Once you’ve contacted your preferred institution you can contact them for admission purposes, when that is completed you can enroll in the institutions. However, depending on your proficiency of the German language, you will need to ascertain which level you are, maybe beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Most institutions offer intensive German courses, this usually runs for about 8 weeks for the different proficiency levels, other institutions offer summer courses that run throughout the summer period, similarly evening courses typically run for two evenings a week or more depending on the institution.

Most institutions will offer a variety of cultural  activities alongside your German language course to ensure that you have a great experience while in the country. The summer courses are very popular, as many institutions set up different sight-seeing activities and trips that will interest the students. Many times these trips are excursions to show the students historical sites and beautiful places in Germany i.e. The Brandenburg Gate and the Jewish Museum, the Wall Museum and the Stasi Museum; trips to the Reichstag (parliament building).

It is imperative that you have your finances in order before relocating, moving to a new country is exciting, but you will need enough funds for your upkeep to avoid being stranded. You will need to plan towards accommodation costs, feeding, transportation and so on.

Also, find out the cost of the course before moving, depending on the duration of the course the tuition fees will vary.For instance a 2 week German course may cost about 300 Euros while a 10 week German course may be about 900 Euros. The costs of each institution is different therefore you will need to make enquiries about the different course fees that best suits your budget.

Learning the German language is a great asset, knowing how to speak the language will alleviate the pressure of looking for an English translator or someone with some English abilities; Also you will communicate better and have the confidence to approach the locals, engage and participate in public life.

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Last updated on 12th August 2019

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